Emotionally Compromised (angst, lil bit smutty)| Chase Davenport x Tim Drake

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You had one job, Chase. One job.
Chase Davenport looked around the crowded room, panic starting to shroud his mind.
Of all the stupid things you could've done tonight, you just had to lose track of everyone.
Chase wanted to cry out for one of his family members, but there was no way they'd ever hear him over the din of conversation and the small orchestra playing in the background. The aura of the party was lighthearted and bright, but Chase felt like he was drowning in the noise and harshly contrasting visuals of the muted tones of the room compared to the bright colors of the dresses and ties of the guests.
You could've gotten drunk, or lost your virginity, or punched someone-are you fucking kidding you can't punch anybody you wuss-or gotten kidnapped, or something less utterly moronic and brainless than losing your dad in a crowd like a six year old.
Chase started to wander, constantly scanning the room for a signal from his sibling's chips or visually for anyone he knew. He was starting to hyperventilate, his overreactive senses rapidly getting overwhelmed. He broke into a run, scared and confused as he bumped into various guests.
Oh god oh god-"UGH"
Chase slammed into someone full-on, both of them grunting in surprise pain as something cracked. Chase fell over from the impact, but his victim stayed up on his feet, staggering back a couple steps.
"I'm sorry, I'm sorry," Chase stammered, on the verge of tears as he got up, his ears ringing and his head spinning. His whole body was tingling, his bionics threatening to glitch. He couldn't hear what the other person was saying, or even see who they were. He tried to back away, to escape the situation and hopefully his embarassment, but he tripped over someone's foot and started to fall, his bionics shutting down for a solid second from the overload as he let out a panicked yelp. He couldn't see out of his bionic eye or hear, causing him to lose all sense of position and balance. He was caught midair by his sides, though, so he grabbed onto his savior's arms in blind panic. He felt himself being lifted back onto his feet, and held steady. He was able to see the face of his rescuer before he blacked out, and in that moment, he could've sworn he was in love.

Then he woke up and remembered he was the undatable nerd from the rich guy's basement. He groaned, not just because of that fact but also because of the splitting headache he had.
"Oh, good," someone said nearby. "You're awake." Chase gasped and sat up in surprise, looking over at the owner of the voice. Hot damn, that is the sexiest boy you've ever seen. Make out with him. No, wait, you're catching feelings. That's bad, very bad. Boys are off limits. Stop. Chase, stop. STOP- "Are you okay?" the boy continued after Chase didn't respond. "You hit me pretty hard." Not as hard as I will in bed to-oh, for fucks sake, Chase!
"Yeah," Chase replied meekly back, ignoring the warning signs constantly popping up in the corner of his vision, saying how he needed to immediately get in his capsule and how there was imminent danger. Ooo. How scary. Cute boy first. STOP THINKING HE'S CUTE THE LAST TIME YOU DID THIS SEBASTIAN TRIED TO MURDER EVERYONE
"That's good," the boy said, holding his hand out. "I'm Tim. Tim Drake."
"Chase Davenport," Chase responded, shaking Tim's hand. "Thanks for, uh, helping."
"Sure thing," Tim replied. "What happened? Did you get drunk or something?" Well, that'd be less humiliating than the truth. But... I shouldn't lie. But he'll think less of me knowing I freaked out over something so stupid.
"No," Chase stammered out. "I don't drink." Great, now you sound like a loser. You can't let people know that, they barely have any respect for you as is even with your falsified confidence. You done fucked up, Chasey.
"Oh," Tim replied. "Well, that's okay. I really don't either." He shrugged. "So...what happened?" Okay, dodged a bullet there. Whew. But now what am I going to say? Just play it cool?
"I lost my family in the crowd and kinda freaked out," Chase chuckled, playing off his panic as a joke. "So stupid, right?"
"You freaked out that much over losing your family?" Tim asked. Fuck.
"Chase, that's not good. That's a panic attack. Do you get that much anxiety often?" Is he...trying to help? Wow. No one's ever felt pity for me before... He must really, really care.
"Well, not usually that much..." Chase said. "I usually have trouble breathing and concentrating, though. My entire torso, like, clenches up, and my mind just kind of runs wild. I get jittery." He shrugged. "I'm just a scaredy cat."
"I don't think you are," Tim replied, shaking his head. "I think you've got some sort of anxiety disorder. Your feelings are valid, Chase. You don't need to think less of yourself for them." Holy shit. He believes me. Chase threw his arms around Tim, embracing him, much to his surprise.
"Thank you," Chase mumbled, not evem caring that he probably totally humiliated himself. I think I'm in love.

"You're welcome," Tim responded, hugging him back. "I'm here for you, Chase. It'll be okay." Tim was at this point quite concerned for Chase. What in the world had he been through, to make him this paranoid and submissive? He pulled back out of the hug. "Do you-" Before he could continue, Chase kissed him. On the lips. Passionately. Oh my GOD...I've never kissed a boy, but I'm definitely going to do it again!! That was the last coherent thought Chase had before his brain got taken over by his crotch. He ran his fingers back through Tim's hair as Tim started to kiss him back, his heart thudding in his chest like an overworked motor and the warning noises and danger signs blaring in his head trying to tell him to calm down before his bionics failed. He was running on emergency systems, but he didn't even notice. All he could focus on right now was how fucking good Tim tasted, and felt, and made him feel. Tim was enjoying it just as much, to his surprise. He also kind of pitied Chase, and figured he needed this win. But mostly, he just wanted to keep making out, and even take it a step further. He pushed Chase back onto the bed, climbing on top of him and undoing the buttons of his dress shirt, ceasing the kiss to be able to see what he was doing. Shit shit shit shit shit, he's gonna find out I'm a virgin! Tim yanked the shirt off, dropping it over the edge of the bed and not noticing Chase's stunned expression as he took off his own shirt and tie. WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO-oh, god... Chase's thoughts dissolved from anxiety to arousal as Tim started to undo his pants, and he realized how much he wanted them off. He helped Tim push them off once they were undone, instantly going for Tim's belt once his were on the floor. He wanted to be subdued, controlled, thoroughly fucked, and it looked like he would get his wish.

Tim woke up later to someone knocking on his door. He gasped and sat up, pulling his covers up over his naked body.
"Don't come in!" he blurted out.
"I wouldn't have knocked had I wanted to," Damian snarked from the other side of the door. "Someone went missing at the party and we're trying to find him so we can go to bed. Some kid named Chase, have you seen him?" Tim looked down in his bed, where Chase was lying there, also naked and fast asleep, his chest with a slight sheen to it as a remnant of their, erm, time together.
"No," Tim replied. "Leave me alone and I'll get ready so I can help find him." Damian mumbled something and walked off. Tim shook Chase's shoulder, trying to get him to wake up. "Chase. Chase, wake up." Chase grunted as he woke up, and then let out a quiet groan as he sat up, grimacing a little and taking weight off of his rear end.
"I'm really sore," he whined.
"Your family's looking for you," Tim said, starting to gather up clothes. "You gotta go." Oh, god, he hates me. He doesn't want me around. Damnit, I really liked him. Wait, maybe he doesn't!
"I can come back though, right?" Chase asked, looking over at him. Tim froze. Shit.
"Yeah, sure," Tim replied, throwing the clothes at Chase. "I'll put my number in your phone as you get dressed." YES!!!
"Okay," Chase said excitedly, unlocking his phone and handing it to Tim before starting to get dressed. Tim put his number in while Chase finished up, then got dressed himself.
"Okay, if anyone asks, I found you passed out in the bathroom," Tim said, getting up. "Don't mention anything we did."
"Got it," Chase said, getting up as well and taking his phone back as they left the room together. Tim turned and smoothed Chase's hair out, which looked like a puffball. They walked down the stairs into the main room together. This was the best night ever.

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