Chapter V.I The Nemean Lion

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" first he cleared the grove of Zeus of a lion, and put its skin upon his back, hiding his yellow hair in its fearful tawny gaping jaws"-- Euripides, Hercules, 359

A wooden sword slammed down. Cornelia did her best to brace against the blow. Sweat beaded on her forehead and she felt her stance slip on the cold metal floor. Artemis pulled the blade back and swung again. Cornelia felt her legs collapse beneath her as her knees struck the bulkhead. She winced at the pain spread throughout her leg but launched herself up onto her shaky feet. She charged Artemis with a flurry of failed blows. Cornelia felt her leg give underneath her under the weight of Artemis' 'killing blow.' 

"Again!" Artemis commanded. Cornelia tried to catch her breath. "The Chimera would not wait why should you? Get up." Cornelia steeled herself and pushed up off the floor. Just as she got up she felt Artemis strike her knuckles with a wooden blade. "Too slow," She allowed a brief moment for Cornelia to refocus, "Again."  

Cornelia felt her arms shake under her as she tried to heave herself up off the floor for the second time, but exhaustion had drained all of her strength she collapsed. Artemis watched her with a studious eye. Her lips were tight, but concern dipped her eyebrow. Cornelia tried one more time and was able to right herself, but not stand. 

"Enough lessons for today." Artemis rested a gentle hand on Cornelia's shoulder.

"No, I can do more." Cornelia fought off the feeble shaking of her legs and stood up. She held her sword ready and beckoned to Artemis, "again."

Artemis casually whacked the sword out of Cornelia's hands, "Enough for today."  Cornelia felt her legs buckle again and nodded in agreement. Artemis was right, she was always right. 

"Computer," Artemis called out, "Two ice waters," the computer gave her its confirmation sound and two tall cold glasses of refreshing liquid appeared in the basin of the replicator. Cornelia gratefully accepted the glass, bowed to Artemis and left the training room. Her clothes stuck to her in a sticky mass of sweat and salt and she eagerly sought out her quarters for a hot shower.

Over the past few days, Cornelia had become increasingly comfortable with the technology part of her new life. Showering, asking for clothes, even talking to an invisible person had become second nature to her.  She had always been a fast learner and these new advancements were a vast improvement on her previous life.

Cornelia did enjoy that, even with the vast majority of the ship being out of order from the crash,  things were easier here than they ever had been in her past life. From what she had gathered these creatures had been living near Rome for Several months, and as much as she did not like to admit it, Hades was quite the dedicated engineer. Every day she stepped out of her quarters she would find him somewhere on the ship working on a repair. Sometimes she would even stop and watch fascinated by his work.

Almost as if on cue she found Hades in the hallway outside of her quarters. "Get your butt whipped again Corny?"

"By Artemis," She smiled waiting for the telltale expression of victory to cross his face. "But, she told me I could take you on any day of the week."

He glowered at her and held out a lightning coated hand, "Oh no Corny and her wooden sword what am I to do?" His words were accompanied by a gratuitous roll of his eyes and a slight tilt to his lips. Then he stormed down the hallway, laughing at her.  

 Cornelia opened her door and nearly fell over in shock. On her bed was an exact replica of the Cicero's scroll. The very same one that the Chimera had incinerated. Next to it was a small square metallic object, she believed she had heard the crew call it a 'tablet'. On top of it was a note that read, 'since you are such a nerd--H.'

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