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"Forget what hurt you
Forget what it taught you."

Nathan's P. O. V.

I starred shocked as I watch Lahlani sitting in the corner of the room covering her face shaking like crazy. Slowly I pull my phone from pocket not taking my eyes of her as she still sits in the corner she ran to a few seconds ago sobbing to herself.

Unlocking it I quickly call Anne bringing my phone upto my ear hearing it ring.

Hearing her pick up on the 3rd ring.
"Nathan I am on my w-"
"Anne I'm sorry I know. I just thought it'd be okay to just take a look around." I blurt out.

"What? What do you mean take a look around?"

"Well, we went into the house but I didn't think-"

"You did what?!"

"I know I'm sorry-"

"Nathan there is no sorry I told you to wait I am literally on my way now I'm a few minutes away you couldn't wait a few more minutes?"
I run my hand through my hair not taking my eyes off of her. I feel like if I do take my eyes away I will miss something.

"Okay, I'm just around the corner. What ever you do, do not touch her, don't even say anything matter of fact don't do anything until I get their. Just don't take your eyes off her." She says hanging up. Well, I am not planning on taking my eyes off her. I'm too worried to.

"Dio, Per favore mi dia la forza."
(Translation, "God please give me the strength.)


"Lahlani, please talk to me." Anne pleads to Lahlani as she kneels in front of her while I stand in the same position and spot. I haven't moved one inch. And I don't know why. I just can't bring myself to. I just feel... Frozen.

"Nathan can I talk to you for a minute?" Anne asks standing to her feet.

I nod my head letting her lead the way. I turn back once more I take another look at Lahlani seeing her in the same position, knees pulled up to her chest with her arms wrapped around her legs. Same closed eyes with tear streaming down her cheeks. I really hope that things get better. I really don't want to leave her alone right now.

Turning back around facing Anne as she stares at me waiting for me to follow. Finally picking up my feet after what seems like an eternity I follow behind her as she leads me back to the front of the house.

"Explain." She bluntly states starting to me with her eyebrows raised at me.

I let out a sigh looking down at the floor than back up at her. I feel like a child that's in trouble for skipping school. Well only because I have been in the same situation with my mother but still. Now is not the time to be joking.

"I'm sorry. I know this is my fault. And th-that I should've waited for you. But I didn't. I don't know why. I don't I didn't think it'd do anything if we just went inside and waited for you. It was hot out. I don't know maybe if I didn't let her look around this wouldn't be happening but-"

"But? But nothing. Yes I understand you didn't think it'd be a big deal but it was and it still is... Now, Lahlani should be fine I've delt with something like this with someone who was somewhat in the same situation as her before. But next time when you have simple instructions from me or anyone else please follow them. I thought you'd be used to it."

"I know... How long do you think it will last?"

"What do you mean? Lahli not wanting to talk or be touched or do you mean her getting help and getting better or pretty much everything in general?" She ask folding her arms.

"Well, both I guess."

"Well there is really no way to truly know it all depends on how bad the damage is. But her not wanting to be touched well not long if we take it slow and get her familiar again."

"Familiar?" I question. What the hell does she mean by familiar? Its not like she's lost her memory?

"She needs to know that she's safe. And to do that she needs to be familiar with being touched and not being afraid to speak again. Because right now her mind is in tthe state it was back when she had been with David. But just a few words and conversations with her here and there she should be fine. With some assureness. It may sound simple right now but trust me it is not. You've got a long road ahead. Prepare yourself because Lahlani is going to need all the help she can get right now."


"Lahlani, see you are okay. Look see its just Nathan." Anne at the moment was trying to get Lahlani to get up. She has already got her to calm down and look at her and listen.

Anne turns around and points to me. Me standing a few feet behind her.

"So, D-david did no-not bring me he-here?" Lahlani's sobbing had made her words come out jumbled but they could still be understood.
Fro several seconds she looked between me and Anne repeatedly.
She spoke. She finally said something before right now I thought it was going to be a long while before she started speaking after how many times Anne had assured her that she safe.

"Yes, Lahli. He didn't he is still locked up and will be locked up for a very long time you do not need to worry about him. He won't and can not hurt you. Now, there is a very worried man behind me and he loves you very much and he wants to know that you're okay. So, are you okay now?"
"No, no I saw him. He was right over there. I saw him I know I did." She sobs out looking everywhere but Anne.

"No, Lahlani you did not it wasn't him you may have thought it was but it wasn't. Trust me. Are you okay? Tell me the truth because it is okay not to be."

"Um... I guess I-I'm fine. At least that's what you've been telling me."

"Lahlani if you're not fine don't tell me you're because its what you think I need to hear. Because its getting late and I don't tink you want to be in this house any longer."

"No! Anne I am telling you that I am fine. Now can we please stop talking about this? and you're right I don't want to be here. Ever. Can we please I don't care where anywhere but this house." She bluntly states whipping away her tears.
"Okay so can you stand up for me then? so we can get going."
Lahlani only nods before swatting Anne's hands away. Slowly keeping her eyes between Anne and I, she stood up. Now only staring at me.

"Nathan, is gonna take you back to the hotel and I will meet you there alright." Anne says her smiling.

She only nods still not taking her eyes off of me.

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