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Rewind is inspired by the @ProjectYouFirst initiative which I decided I'd buy into after finding out about it from simonesaidwhat 's page. The entire idea is promoting healthy relationships and spreading the awareness of the importance of having worth while and good relationships. Not just romantic relationships also friendships (platonic) too. 

You don't have to stay in a relationship you're not happy with if it's definitely not working out. Sometimes letting go is what's for the best and all things work out as they should. You will not die without that person. You were your own person before meeting that person. You can be your own person even after that and even so much more.

This novel is going to be short hopefully and I plan to finish it. I dedicate this to all those who've been hurt in love and who've been misunderstood one or another in relationships. If you can relate to this too then this is for you as well. This means a lot to me and I hope it does to you too.

P.S: These characters are realistic and therefore they are flawed. No extreme judgement or attack on any of them will be condoned.

Quick heads up!:

This story contains tears, betrayal, heart break, self hate to some extent, coarse language, secrets, sexual situations, toxic relationships, intense roller coaster emotions  and graphics amongst other things. 

xo Cath_rine

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