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Ahem, ahem!



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What should you expect out of this book? Nothing. Come without expectations.

But to be more specific, in this book you might encounter:

- Writing advice.
- Tips for writers.
- (Maybe) handy tips about Wattpad.
- My personal opinions and observations about traditional publishing. (Including my thoughts about querying).
- Other thoughts and stuff that I didn't list here because my brain is a mess and I can't be expected to remember my own name these days...

What was my name again?

(You see, that's why I go by my real name even on the internet...)

Everything will be delivered as short and concise anecdotes.

All opinions are my own and derived from my personal experiences. I'm writing this as much for myself as for you guys.

Nothing that will be written here isn't something I'd tell myself.

Hope something here could help you.

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