New Beginnings

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Jennifer's POV:

"What You Think Makes You Weak Only Makes You Stronger".

My Mother used to say this before she died in a tragic car accident,17 september 2016, The only date of the whole year I despise the most,The day I lost my mother when I was only 12.

17 September, The day i was born.

I reached my father's two-storied house, Once I opened the door, I was met by the disgusting smell of Alcohol, cigarette and one more smell which i couldn't recognize, probably Drugs.

I scurried upstairs without making any noise as he will know i have returned from my morning walk.

Once i was in my room, i closed the door silently and rummaged through my closet,At last i found something good to wear and ran into the bathroom shutting the door a little too harshly that the impact of the door closing wildly made me flinch.

I opened the shower and waited for the water to get warm, once it was warm,i hoped in and started singing Confident by Demi Lovato.

First day of high school

First day.

This was the only thing in my mind, i was excited but a little bit of scared.

The reason for me being scared was the question in my mind,

What if i don't fit in?

It's okay calm down, calm down, deep breaths.

It's a new dawn,it's a new day,it's a new life for me.

I tell myself, trying to calm my heart which was beating with anxiety.

Once i had a little prep talk to myself, i looked into the mirror, gave myself  a thumbs up and smiled at my own reflection.

Once i had a little prep talk to myself, i looked into the mirror, gave myself  a thumbs up and smiled at my own reflection

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(This is what Jennifer was wearing)

I walked downstairs towards the kitchen and took out a bottle of juice from the fridge and started to drink it,

"Where are you going?"He asked.

"School,remember, i join from today"I told him in  a flat,sharp tone.

"Watch your tongue lady, I am your father as well as your legal guardian"He sneered at me.

"Oh Yeah!,If you were truly my father, you would have been there for me but you just shut me out, thinking that only you were suffering, I was also suffering!".

"Anyways It's time for my school, I am leaving, Take care and take your medicines"I tell him and walk towards the door.

"I will"I heard him mutter on which i smiled.

I walked all the way to my new school,it was very easy to find the reception room.

"Hey!, Can i get my schedule?"I ask her politely.

"Oh! wait a second, what is your name?"She asks me.


"Williams"She completed me.

"Yeah"I tell her.

"Here"She says handing me the schedule.

I thanked her and walked out of the room,

Hmm,lets see what we have here




Lunch Break-



OK!, I need to find my English class room.

I see the nearest girl and reach up to her,I lightly tap her shoulder to gain her attention and when she turns around, i hold myself to gag at her appearance,Wow, This girl is bobbed up in make-up.

"Hi!Sorry to disturb you but can you tell me where is the English classroom for senior year?"I ask her politely on which she smiles and says"Oh!That's right where i am going,come we can walk together to class."She says.


She starts to walk and i follow her,then at the end of the hallway to the right she stops,straights herself and says"Come on".

Then she opens the gate of the classroom and we both step inside,the class goes silent and everyone starts murmuring to each other something, but all i heard was,

Who is that?

Is that a new girl walking with Christina?

"Come,You can sit with me"The girl says whom i am assuming is Christina.

She sits down in the front row on the right side and pats the seat next to her,gesturing me to sit down.

I put my bag on the desk and sit next to her.

"Sorry!,My name is Christina and don't mind these people,they are just confused why i am walking with you?"She whispers into my ear.

"What do you mean by you?,don't you have any friends?"I ask her.

"Yeah i do,it's just-"She starts to tell me but a girl barges right through the door and screams at the top of her lungs:


Christina sits straight up,fixes her clothes with her hands and bats her eyes for what seems like a....

Flirtatious action.

The door slams open and in comes a guy,Sorry.

A Greek-God dressed in all black,He had sleek black messy hair,sharp jawline that could cut your finger,a buff body but not too much.

Every girl in the room sighed dreamily and looked at him like he was a prince charming,

Oh Move On Ladies!,I shouted in my head.

The boy,Correction:Bad boy,The bad-boy searched the class from back to front and when his eyes landed on me,he smirked.

Does he think i am drooling on him?,Oh no.

Boy you got it all wrong.

So to tell him that i am not like them,I smirked back at him.

His eyes shined with amusement and then as quickly as they had an amusement in them,they hardened.

He walked in with two guys behind him,They were strong and a little buff but not compared to him.

He walked to the back of the class and sat down in his chair,his little minions draping a seat by his and plopped down right next to him.

"He is Aidan Matthews,The schools baddest boy,Nobody like nobody ever crosses his path and girl worship the path he walks on"Christina says,all dreamily like.

"Hello"I moved my hand in front of her face to snap her out of her unicorn island.

"Sorry"She says sheepishly.

Bad boy,I shall never cross path with you because i am here to study,take a degree and leave,No relationship.

Single people all the way!

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