Epilogue Part 2: Wide-Eyed Lover

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AN: Epilogues will take place in different points of time for the characters.


Here We Go Again

Epilogue Part 2: Wide-Eyed Lover

POV: Lily

The sound of giggling women and loud noises of affection filled the atmosphere surrounding the quaint cottage on top of a lonely cliff not too far from a massive chunk of ocean. The sea mist was the perfume of the day, and the music was composed and provided by the waves crashing into the bottom rocks of the cliff.

It was a perfect spring day for the celebration of a life to come.

"That is so adorable," gushed my cousin Victoire as she held up in the air a tiny, beautiful, white lace dress for all eyes to see. "It's absolutely perfect."

"Of course it's perfect," I replied, crossing my arms and leaning back against the armchair I was occupying in the midst of the huddle around Victoire. "I chose it. I have impeccable taste."

"Excuse me?" countered Lucy, who was now frowning at me.

"Okay. Fine," I grunted back in an attempt of an apology. "Lucy picked it out because I hadn't the time for it—but I still paid for half of it, so technically, it was all my doing because she wanted to get you nappies."

Victoire laughed at the story as she carefully placed the dress back into its gift bag. "I love it, girls," she said kindly. "Thank you. But, honestly, couldn't you cheap witches have gotten separate gifts?"

"We barely had enough sickles for the dress put together," I defended. "Might have escaped your noticed that we're still in school and we don't have jobs. Besides, Mum and Dad are stingy when it comes to allowance lately since they are off spoiling Al for becoming the youngest Unspeakable in history. Biggest thing to happen to the Potter family since Dad himself became the youngest Head Auror in history. James gave them their first grandchild so he's off the hook, now I've to beat them out. No pressure."

I could hear my mother's eyes rolling in the background.

"I get a reasonable amount of allowance," interjected Lucy, distracting from my own story, "but I must admit that I am saving for my summer holiday with Lorcan. We are going to Peru for a research expedition. Should be fun, actually."

"Oh, so fun," mocked a fiery redhead on the right side of Victoire. Dominique knew how to execute an encouraging smile and still have the perfect amount of snark to get her teasing across. And she did so while holding her adorable, two year old son (Dustin) on her lap. "I'm sure you and Scamander are just going to have a memorable time being dirty...Because you'll be covered in mud and dirt, not actually rolling around in the sheets."

Lucy sent her permanent, disapproving frown at our cousin. However, it was the person beside her who decided to speak up and counteract Dominique's cheap innuendos.

"Be nice, Dom," Molly said sternly in defence of her little sister, "you know this means a lot to her. You cannot make fun of Luce for having her priorities straight; she's accomplished so much at just seventeen than anyone in our family has at that age."

"My dad defeated Voldemort at seventeen, actually. People would say that's the single most important thing in the last century," I interjected, but just recieved a weak round of laughter by other guests.

"Dad trusts her judgement enough to let her go off for three months with her boyfriend for a reason. He's proud of her for always thinking straight—as am I. If she wasn't, well...Then she'd be like me: a struggling single mother," sighed Molly as she gazed down at the one year-old girl that was sitting at her feet.

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