"How was your day at school handsome? Did you have fun?" I asked Noah, taking his little hand in mine. He nodded vigorously while putting a sweet in his mouth. "We made a painting with our fingers," he exclaimed with a full mouth. "What have I learned you, Noah?" I raised my eyebrow at him. He swallowed and looked up at me with his green eyes. "Never speak while I have food in my mouth," he said. I nodded and grabbed his hand a bit tighter, traversing the road and putting him in the back seat of my car.

It had been Noah's last school day of this year and the summer holidays started tomorrow. I'd managed to get the entire summer free from work after working overtime for the past 3 months. I'd saved some money so Noah and I could make a trip to Spain in August. It would be the first time he'd ever leave England and he was already way to excited.

Noah was a really sweet and kind, but energetic child. He had energy for 3! Not that I minded, he wasn't a pain in the ass! He was probably one of the kindest little boys. He always helped me out with stuff and he always listened to me. I was very lucky to have a kid like him, and I loved him a lot. I'd give up my life for him.

I watched him in the rear view mirror when I had to stop for a traffic light. Noah was looking out of the window, still stuffing his mouth with sweets. "What do you want for dinner, hunny?" I asked him slowly starting to drive again as the light became green. "Macaroni!" He shouted. I nodded and concentrated on the road. We passed a place were they were holding a fair for the next few days, to celebrate the end of the school year.

"Mummyyyyyyyyyy," Noah whined. "What baby?" I asked him, not taking my eyes of the road. "Can we please go to the carnival tonight? Pleaaaaaaaase?" I sighed and nodded. "We will if you're a good boy for the rest of the day." Noah clapped his hands and squealed. "Thanks mummy!" I shook my head laughing and parked the car in front of our apartment complex. I got out and took Noah out of his chair. I took his little backpack in one hand while grabbing his with my other. We walked inside and took the elevator to the second floor, where our apartment was. I opened the door and Noah ran inside. He dived onto the couch and I chuckled to myself.

"Are you hungry?" I asked him, putting down his backpack, my handbag and my keys. "Not really," Noah mumbled while grabbing the tv-remote. "Of course not, you've been eating too many sweets!" I teased him, sitting down on the end of the couch. Noah laughed cheekily and crawled towards me. He nuzzled into my side and started to watch Disney Channel. I took my iPhone out of my pocket and checked facebook, to see I had a message from my best friend Sylvie. She asked me to meet up the next day, which I agreed on immediately. She told me to bring Noah, she wanted to spoil her godchild.

I felt Noah shift, so I looked down to see him look up to me. "I love you mummy," he said and he sloppily kissed my cheek. "I love you too, little man." I replied, showering his face with kisses. He squealed and tried to get out of my arms. I released him and stood up laughing. "I'm going to make dinner." I announced and I walked towards the kitchen. I got all the ingredients ready and started to make the macaroni. I could hear Noah sing along with the Phineas and Ferb title song and smiled at myself. My life was pretty amazing, and I wouldn't want to change it.

I finished the macaroni in almost 30 minutes and called Noah, but I got no reply. I walked into the living room and saw him snuggled up on the couch, sleeping like an angel. I silently crept closer to him and crouched so I was on the same height as him. "Noah baby, wake up. Dinner is ready." I whispered, pushing a curl out of his face. His eyes fluttered before he opened them completely. I smiled at him and helped him sit up. "Are you tired?" I asked him. Noah shook his head while rubbing his eyes with his hand. "I wanted to get some sleep so I wouldn't be tired when we go to the carnival tonight!" He grinned. He opened his arms, gesturing me to pick him up.