chapter 9 tour part2

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(Zach pov)
I woke up to see Bailey sleep on my arms then I Check my phone and I saw that the boys posted in the group chat which it was cute then I went to wake up the guys so I did and then they woke up and said why can't they sleep but Bailey can so I said that we are going to be Landing soon the
n we have to get on the tour bus, then Bailey woke up and I went to her and picked her up and went to Jonah and Daniel then Bailey got down and went to them and I went to Jack and try to wake him up but it did not work so Bailey went to Jack and started playing with his hair and he woke up and look around to see who was playing with his hair and saw Bailey so he tickled her and Jack said that Bailey can Bailey with his hair when she would like to and then went to Jonah and Daniel.
(Baileys pov) Jonah, Daniel and i watched a funny movie together ,then I went to Zach and dad and told them about the movie I think it was the spongebob squarepants the movie the uncle Logan facetime us and said that he will be doing help me help you for some of the shows and wants me to go and stage with him for help me help you so the guys said we will see about that then we were done facetimeing Logan then we got on the tour bus then were off.
(Logan pov)
I was bored at my place so I called the guys, Bailey and Christian on facetime they answer so I told them I would be come to some shows to do help me help you and would like to have Bailey on stage when we sing it so the guys said that they will think about it and then the guys handed the phone to Bailey and we talked and then they said that they have to go on the tour bus and the I said i will met them in a state soon and told Bailey I will see her soon and she said bye then i went to kong and chilled with him then brother Jake call see if i want to go hang with them and I said yes

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