Chapter 13: Crush, Crush, Crush

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Minutes later she came back with a steaming hot mug. “Here, this is an old family recipe for tea.” She gave it to me and I was surprised to smell the familiar aroma that Papillon had created. Even then it comforted me. So taking a small sip I could feel my body relaxing further. This is exactly what I needed. “Thank you so much Jenna.” I murmured. My headache was still there but it was now dulling slightly. It was a great relief. “No thanks needed sweetie. Now, let’s get you off of the floor and into bed.” She ordered with a smile. I nodded as she helped me up and I laid myself down. I took another scorching gulp but didn’t care seeing as how it was helping the pain tremendously. “Get some sleep.” She said as she kissed my forehead. I closed my eyes and drifted off.




I woke up to my door opening later but didn’t stir. I could feel their presence standing next to me. I felt a warm hand tracing my face lightly, “I’m sorry I was such an a*s to you earlier. You mean more to me then I think I realize.” I felt something warm and soft press to my forehead and my heart fluttered at the thought of his lips being on me, but slipped into a deeper slumber because, I didn’t want to talk with him just yet.





Chapter 13:



Gordon’s POV:




I felt like such a jerk! When Isis just left me there stranded in the hallway…I’ve never felt so guilty. Why did I have to open my big mouth? I couldn’t stay in school for too much longer but I also wanted to give her time to cool off. Sighing I rubbed my face suddenly feeling very tired.



What was really weird was when I yelled at her to stop calling me master. I felt this surge go through me. It didn’t feel very good. It felt dark and it left a shiver running down my spine. I’d have to ask her about it later…when I feel like she won’t turn me into a rat at first sight of me.




“Hey man! Where did Isis go?” Corbin asked with an innocent expression. It made my blood boil just thinking of how cozy him and Isis were a few minutes ago. “What?” He asked with an amused expression. I rolled my eyes and grumbled under my breath. I spotted Heather sauntering up to me with a slight pout.




“Where’d you go Gordon?” She fluttered her eyelashes at me. Still feeling annoyed at myself I growled under my breath, “Not now Heather.” I walked past her leaving her gaping and confused. Whatever. Corbin and the others jogged over to me to keep up.

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