Toolshed x villain reader

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~Warning swearing and bad spelling ahead....Hey guys this is a request from YumiHumano Thanx for the request!!~

~Your POV~

Hi i'm name is (C/v- Cool villain name) and i'm the villain is this town, i'm more evil then 'The Coon' and that really big, everyone in this town wants me dead except one person, he is one 'The Coons' team but I don't care, I've grown feelings for the person, he is so kind to me and doesn't care that I em (C/v).....I love him but don't know his name.....that's the only problem..

Today I was at school, hearing the gossip about me, bashing up a 9th grader for 'no reason' THAT'S BULLSHIT!! I bashed him up for punching his girlfriend in the stomach but rumors fly. Anyway I started walking to my class when Stan.....the high school quarterback and most hottest guy in South Park High and most of all my second crush besides Toolshed.

While I was daydreaming, I heard a voice talking to me "(Y/n)!......Hello?....(Y/N)!!!!" the person said I snapped out of it and the person was.........STAN!! SHIT!!..."Hey Stan, sorry I was daydreaming...." I said embarrassed, "Ok?...Anyway did you hear about (C/v) beating up a 9th grader! Like there must be a reason behind it! Right?" He said, "Well I was there and she bet him up because he punched his girlfriend in the stomach..." I said looking down because my second crush trusted the rumor...

"Wow!! Really!! I didn't really believe the rumor because hider that mask she is......really nice" He said blushing, I blushed and looked up to met his stare, we stared for a moment and started to lean in until the bell interrupted us, we pulled away and blushed madly. "Sorry I would be going..." I said running to my class..


I was at sparks pond in the middle of the full costume thinking about what me and Stan did at the lockers, I started to blush at the thought of Stan and I finishing our kiss but....sadly it will never happen...*Sigh* I said, "What's wrong?" Someone said behind me, I slightly jumped turning around quickly, to reveal Toolshed. 

"Nothing...." I said, looking away. He sat next to me, "And what really is wrong?" he said, "Fine, it's that I really like this guy and he probably doesn't like me back...." I said looking into his eyes and I felt something so familiar. We stared at each other and started to lean in, I closed my eyes and now lips met making the world disappear. 

Our lips moved in sink,  I felt his arms move around me and I placed my arms around his neck, putting my hands in his soft raven hair. After that seem like an eternity, we pulled away and I opened my eyes to met with his ocean eyes, he grabbed my cheek and pressed his forehead onto mine. "I really like you (C/v) but I really want to see who you are under the mask.....if that's ok with you?" he said, "Look Toolshed, you would be very disappointed with who is under with mask.....' I said looking down.

He grabbed my chin making me look at him, he took his other hand a pulled off my mask....he looked shocked but smiled, "I love you (Y/n)..." He said kissing me again, I moved my hands to his cheeks, we separated, "I love you too Stan.." I said blushing, "Wait when did you find out it was me?" He said, "Well, under your hat is a mop of hair you just can't miss.." I said blushing.

"I'm glad you figured it out." He said kissing my cheek, "I'm glad too.." I said making our lips met again....

~Hope you guys liked it!!~

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