Part 24 - Bundle of Joy

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”ARGHHH” Lori screamed again, she really looked in pain, more than I though was usual, I had been with my sister when she give birth to my nephew, seems so long ago. I try not to think about them in a world like this, always brings a tear to my eyes. Once again Lori’s scream had torn me from my thoughts; I shot up and crouched by Hershel. “What do you need?” he kept his eyes on Lori, his hands were busy with cloths and blankets trying to keep her comfortable. “I need everything we don’t have!” he began to check how dilated she was and shook his head. “This baby ain’t coming out naturally, CAROL WE NEED TO DO A C-SECTION!!!” Carol run into the room and pushed past me, her arms were full with medicine that I assume were painkillers and a small black pouch. Carol handed the pouch to Hershel which he revealed to be a surgical scalpel… oh god. “Lori, I’m going to give you some pain relief, and then I’m going to get this baby out as quickly as possible okay?” Lori Breathed deeply and just nodded at Hershel. Lori snatched at Rick and Carls hands whilst Hershel bent down and injected Lori with painkillers. Lori’s breathing slowed down as she breathed a sigh of relief. “It’ll be okay baby don’t worry, I love you so much!” Rick grabbed at Loris hand and poured his heart out whilst mine was ripped out… I thought he didn’t love her anymore… I couldn’t bare it… I turned around and walked out of the room I couldn’t… I just couldn’t…

Hershel’s POV -------

Lori needed a C-section and I don’t know how this is going to end, I didn’t want to tell Rick. I mean… how do you tell someone their wife could die? I know I can’t. Lori is a strong woman, she’ll be fine… I’m sure. The baby was never going to come out naturally, I informed Lori and rick this when I found out Lori had a C-section with Carl. Carol and I prepped Lori for the incision and began. I began to make the cut along Loris existing C-section scar, she began to scream in pain, the pain killers didn’t seem to be working. “ARGHHH… Please! Make it stop!” Tears began to fall down the grimes families faces, I had begun, and had to keep going. That baby is my priority. Rick hand his hand firmly grasped around Lori’s, this was too much for him, he had been through so much. I kept cutting until there was enough room for the baby to come out.

After 20 minutes of cutting and pulling, the baby was out and safe, it was a girl and she had a mighty pair of lungs! I proceeded to wrap the tiny life into a lemon coloured blanket Jess had collected on a run she was on and went to hand her to Lori. “Here she is, a beautiful bab-….Lori?” Lori wasn’t moving, oh god. I quickly handed the baby to Daryl who had been sitting in the arm chair next to me trying to help Lori through this like everyone else was. Carol had gone into the kitchen to clean all of the blankets which we had used to control her bleeding and tools for the C-section… and jess?… I don’t know where she went. I grabbed Loris face and opened one of her eyes to see if she had just passed out. “Lori? Wake up” I grabbed the wet flannel and placed it on her face… she was ice cold… I could see the life had been drained from her motionless body. “No, No, no, no, no, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO” Rick began to scream out at the loss of his wife, he stroked her cheek and began to cry into her chest. “Lori… COME BACK!” Rick was distraught… well I can’t blame him, he just lost his wife… oh no what if she? What if she comes back? We have to do something just in case. I went to grab my gun. “Rick… we have t-“ “GET AWAY FROM HER NOW…E VERYONE” Rick pointed his gun at the group, I couldn’t leave Rick but I knew he was a man of his world and would probably shoot one of us. I gestured to everyone in the room and to Leave Rick to mourn the death of his wife and Carl to mourn his mother.


Jess's POV -------

I had wondered into the kitchen after leaving the living room, I didn't want to see someone cut open, a living person. Lori's screams had stopped thanks god. Every time she screeched I would find myself clamping my hands over my ears to drown the sound out. As I entered the kitchen I saw Carol by the sink, washing some material. Upon further inspection, I saw them to be blood stained sheets, Lori's blood. "It's a girl!" Carol yelped excitedly whist scrubbing the bloodied sheets half to death. A girl, a baby girl, I had been right all along.

Though I didn't like Lori, I still collected a few things for the baby, I thought it might have been a girl so I tried to find some girl clothes, turns out my hunch was correct. I had been storing these things away in the bottom of my bag for months, I didn't want to give Lori the satisfaction of giving them to her so I wasn't going to wait until the baby was here.

I heard shouting again, but this time it sounded more hurtful and distraught. I began to walk back in to the living room when Daryl blocked my way, he had a baby in his arms but looked completely natural. I think he looked kinda cute. "What's wrong?" I turned to see a bloodied up Hershel, he kept his eyes on a spot on the floor. No one answered. "What's wrong!" I expresses a little more worried than before. Daryl moved his eyes away from the baby and his eyes fell on mine. "Lori ..She... Didn't make it" Oh my god...


Daryl had told me not to go into the living room, Rick wanted time alone and the sign was gruesome. I had run upstairs to my back pack and removed all of the baby stuff and took it back downstairs. I passed all of the clothes and formula and left the kitchen immediately, I couldn't look at the baby, not yet. This all reminded me of my sister and my nephew, maybe he still was alive? No, his foster parents were idiots, maybe if he was allowed to stay with me he would be here. A tear ran down my cheek, I remember it so clearly as if it was yesterday, Not six years ago. My sister was four years older than me, she was 24 when she died, that's no age at all. my sister died giving birth to my nephew, the courts did not allow me to take him in which made things worse. I missed them terribly.

Tears began to fall down my cheeks, and my vision went blurry, I heard footsteps approached me so I wiped my eyes and turned around. It was Tom, we stared at each other for a moment until I burst out in tears once more. Tom grabbed my and hugged me into his chest, rubbing my hair, comforting me. For the first time in weeks, I had truly felt safe.

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