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Sebastian Arrive at the hospital where Diana was rushed in

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Sebastian Arrive at the hospital where Diana was rushed in. The Doctor told him that Diana Condition was stable at the moment, he asked the doctor about the baby condition which the doctor replies "The baby is safe, it's a miracle that the baby survives the crash".

A nurse shows Sebastian where they were keeping Diana. Once Inside the room, Sebastian held Diana's hand. He had seen the car, on the way to the hospital he saw the damage and he knew it was pretty bad.

A few moments later Diana family begin to arrive at the hospital so did their friends and castmates.

"Hey Man, what did the doctor tell you about her and the baby conditions?" Robert asked and he sits next to him looking at Diana who was laying down on the hospital bed with her eyes closed... looking pale and there are a few scars on her face due to the window glass.

" the doctor said that both of them will be okay." Sebastian sigh " he said that Diana must stay on bed rest for the most time"

" thank god, I was so worried after you text everyone about the accident. "

Hours past one by one went to see Diana, the whole time Sebastian was there holding her hand.

After a couple of minutes, Diana's hand begins to move which was a sign that she was waking up.

"Hey," Sebastian says as he sat at the edge of the hospital bed still holding Diana's hand.

Diana opens her eyes, she blinks a couple of times and looks at him.
" Hey " Diana responds in a raspy voice.

The doctor walked into the room.

" what happened?" She asked

"Diana, you're in the hospital. You were in a car accident. How do you feel?" The doctor asked.

"My head hurts."

"That's perfectly normal."

" Is the baby okay?" Diana asked concern as she runs her belly.

" Your baby is healthy... I will need for you to rest for a few months so you both can recover "

" Thank you so much for your helped Doctor"

" no problem is my job to helped others, after all, now let me leave you two alone go talk"

The doctor left the room now it was only Diana and Sebastian in the room.

" I thought I lost you two.. went I received the phone called from the hospital I imagined for the worst. I can't lose you Diana and the baby..." Sebastian carefully hold her In His arms so he doesn't hurt her fragile body " God I love you so much, it hurts to see you like this" he just lost his voice, he just couldn't talk. For a moment he thought he just lost the love of his life and child, a few tears run down he face. He just thanks God for not taking his love away from him.

Author Note

★Yay Both Diana And the Baby are okay.

★ sorry for not updating 😣 I have been super busy with school and work 😭

★ I will try my best to keep on updating

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