chapter 1: drunken mistakes

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I already know I need to edit this, but I've been meaning to publish chapter one for two weeks now. Oops. Anyway, I'm hoping I won't get board of this and just stop randomly. Updates will take some time I am in school for cosmetology and taking online classes to get my degree. My plan is to make this n actual story, not just a one shot. Anyway. Let me know what you think!!!

The sky was dark, the night was chilly, you butted your cigarette before tossing on the pavement, stepping it out as you walked into the bar. Walking through the loud talking of slurred drunken words forming from all directions. You made your way to a stool near the bar, setting your elbows on the counter, placing your head between your hands. A sigh left your lips as your phone started to ring. Rolling your (e/c) eyes you slid the green button placing the phone to your ear. "What?" you asked annoyed. Your now ex was explaining himself on the other end. Today was yours and your fiance anniversary. You left work early to surprise him. quietly stepping inside of your apartment. Smirking at the sounds you could hear from your soon to be husband coming from your bedroom. you snuck your way to the open door a smile on your face. you jumped into sight, your smile turned sour as you watched the man that said loved you, get fucked by another woman. you stood dumbfounded, jordan's eyes traveling to yours. "Shit babe" he yelled trying to get the other female off of him. "Nice surprise" you said anger pulsing through your veins as you left the apartment. "I told you, get your shit and leave! Put your key on the kitchen counter" you yelled quietly. "No, why would i take you back, just get your shit, get out and lose my number" you screamed before hanging up. Slamming the phone into your pocket. your head going back between the palms of your hands, rubbing your face, in attempts to calm yourself down.

"Are you okay??" a man's voice asked. you ignored the man next to you. you weren't in the mood. "Such a nice way to treat people" he said sarcastically . Your shoulders lifted slightly as you chuckled. "Sorry, just caught my fiance cheating" you said as you looked up at the mysterious man. "Im (f/n) (l/n)" you said smiling, your smile dropped slightly as the other spoke. "Im-" you cut the man off "daveed diggs" you said before awe came across his face. "Yeah, actually many people don't know my name, how do you know it??" daveed asked wondering where you heard his name. you just smiled as you pushed your empty glass away. "Before i explain where i know you from, you should buy me a drink first" you looked back at Daveed. Daveed smirked back at you. "Deal" he said before he raised his hand up, resting his elbow on the counter waving two fingers up signing the man behind the counter. "Bacardi 151 please" he then sat his hand down. Moments later the bartender slid a drink to you. you gladly took it, "i know you from your music, and hamilton" you spoke as you drank from the glass. "I've been listening to your rap for years now" you smiled at him. He smiled back "i would have never taken you for the kind of person that would listen to my music" he said with a chuckle coming after his words. "Why do you say that??" you gave him an expression of tude on her face. "He chuckled some more as he drank his liquor of choice. "You just seem like the kind of girl that listens to pop" you sighed again "well i do, but i listen to everything, i have more than one genre to listen to" she chuckled before taking a gulp making a small face at the hard liquor,

The hours passed the conversation getting deeper "What happened to your girlfriend?" you asked the darker male. "It wasn't working out, i was traveling to much, and she had her own life. We're still friends, just, i move around to much, just to much for her to handle i guess" he shrugged his shoulders clearly upset, but trying to hide it. "I'm sorry" you said. He just shook his head. "So how old are you?" Daveed asked changing the subject. "Old enough to drink in a bar" you laughed, your body feeling warm from the buzz. You knew that daveed was 35 years old, you know you couldn't say your age, he may think you're weird. She laughed with you. "No for real, how old are you?" his smile widened. You stared at the man for a second before biting your lower lip and chugging the last of the heavy liquor you had in your cup, then slamming it down. "Old enough to be sitting in a bar, getting drunk, and having sexual thoughts about a man who is almost 10 years older than me" you went to grab your jacket, knowing after that comment he would leave you alone. You were so wrong. He smirked at you. "Oh? Really?" you stopped and nodded. "Where are you going?" he asked standing up to catch you before you fell over your own feet. "Home, i'm pretty sure you no longer want to talk to a woman who's so much younger than you, especially when shes drunk" you chucked softly. Daveed shook his head, his curls bounced side to side. "No" he laughed some more. "If anything i'm flattered" he stood up fully reaching for his jacket. "How about i get you an uber, were both not okay to drive" he said as he began to walk you out. "It's not safe to drink and drive." you just nodded your head. He was so much taller than you. He held close to your body making sure you wouldn't trip over nothing again.

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