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This might seem a bit weird and I don't recall seeing another author do this on Wattpad, but I thought I'd give you all some "discussion" questions. Don't worry, they are NOT the god-forsaken Spark Notes/Summer Reading kind. They're much more casual and opinion-based.

Don't forget to reply to fellow readers and exchange thoughts. Disagreement is welcome but please abide by Wattpad's guidelines and refrain from name-calling and hate speech against other users. Thanks!

Light Questions

1. Who is the most rotten character in the book and why?

2. Who is the most relatable character and why?

3. Is there anyone in the story you imagine had a secret crush on someone else?

4. Ships you can imagine going down in the future or in an alternate universe?

Thoughtful Questions

5. Where do you think was Liam's first mistake in his relationship with Alex?

6. Where did Alex first go wrong in his relationship with Liam?

7. Why do you think it took Liam so long to realize his feelings?

8. Other than each other, who do you think had the biggest impact on Alex's and Liam's development as people?

9. If you were in Liam's position, after the kiss what would you have done?

10. If you were in Alex's position, after the kiss, what would you have done?

Random Shit Questions

11. Liam's mom's job?

12. Liam's dad's job?

13. Alex's mom's job?

14. Movie casting? (cast as many characters as you like―please cast brown people for the brown characters)

15. Favourite side character?

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