Yandere Tord (TomTord) (part 3/smut)

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Tord:"Will you go out with me?"

     Tom just starred in awe as Tord's heart bet faster in the tension. Then, Tom smiled.

Tom:"Y-you like me too?" He asked, really just saying how unbelievable this is. The setting sun shined on one side of their faces, and the breeze blew in the same direction. How perfect could this moment be? Tom walked a few steps closer, looking through Tords eyes and held his hand. Holding the blue rose together. Tord is welling up at this point. You didn't think a murderous guy like him could cry, did ya? 

 He smiled as well, jumping into Toms arms, bringing him into an embrace. Tord laughed a bit as he cried, and buried his face deeper into Toms hoodie. To Tord, this all seems impossible. Even though he tries to the best of his ability to keep him. He never thought he'd be in the position right now. Tord expected for Tom to say that he's straight and uninterested, but doesn't want this friendship to change at all. It wouldn't bother Tom the fact that his best friend thinks he's hot and more

 Some time later, they returned home. Tom had to go refill his flask with his new Smirnoff real quick. Tom remembered that he had a vase on his night stand already. He opened the door to his room and noticed Tord's sitting on his bed. He noticed Tom walked in, returning a loving smile. Tom did the same and walked over to the night stand. Tord did too, standing very close to each other. He traced Toms fore arm, all the way to his wrist, them to his hand, so he's also holding the rose. They placed the blue rose in the vase ever so gently-together. Their eyes met.

 Tord looked at Toms lips, and back to his eyes-leaning closer. They closed the gap between them. They kissed at a slow pace. Short and sweet. Tom tugged on his collar, leaning back on the bed. Tord climbed on top of him. He looked into his eyes, a look asking for permission. Tom just wrapped his arms around him, pulling him down, kissing him again. But at a faster speed, almost as if Tom's the dominant one! (HA! Only when he's drunk)

 It took a second for Tord to respond. Closing his eyes, he pulled Tom even closer, tangling his fingers in his hair. He licked Toms lip for entrance. Since he's being stubborn, Tord rubbed his area. Making Tom gasp, and letting Tord in. He explored every inch of the mouth he never thought he could kiss. He's savoring this moment (literally), taking all the pleasure he could possibly get. There's a chance this might be the only time he gets to do this, so he's making the most of it. He began stripping the blue hoodie, re-connecting their lips soon after. Then Tom took off his red hoodie, re-connecting their lips soon after. 

 Now they're both shirtless. Tord traveled down his neck, biting and sucking, looking for a sweet spot. Though, he tried to be gentle with him. Normally, he's a rabid animal, but when it comes to Tom, he tries his best to protect him. Tom accidentally let out a small moan before biting his lip. This means Tord found his spot, but it doesn't mean he'll abuse it. He playfully sucked on the spot before moving on. In his mind, he knew Tom thanked him for that, which is what Tord really wanted. 

  He planted kisses down his chest, to his v line. With his teeth, Tord unzipped the zipper and tugged on the rim of his jeans, gently pulling him down. Tom is now left in his blue flannel boxer shorts. You can tell he's hard since hes got a bulge. Also, his face's like a peach and he's gasping for air. Tord tried to take it easy on him. What made this sexual intercourse so special? 

Tord rubbed his boner more, but this time, on the inside


Tord:"What was tha-?"

Tom:"J-just fuck me already!"

  Tord let off a soft chuckle before getting up.

Tord:"Turn around." (Viiiiitoooor) he commanded in his thick, Norwegian accent. Making Tom harder. He lied on his stomach while Tord stripped both of them from their boxers. Since there's obviously no lube here, he used a substitute. Tord sucked on three of his fingers and slowly inserted one into Toms ass. Tom shivered on how cold it felt. Eventually he put two in, then three, scissoring, stretching out his whole as big as possible. You can probably guess that Tords size is pretty huge. Tom's a moaning mess once he got used to it. Now, Tord removed his fingers. He spat in his hand and stroked his own boner for replacement lube and lined himself up.

 Once he went in, Tom bit down hard. Quick breaths and grunts came from Tords mouth. He knew Tom wanted him to go faster, so he did. Gripping his hips for balance. Soon enough, Tom let out his moans. He gripped the sheets, hoping to stay on his bed. 



 Tord thrusted a few more times before cumming into him. Tom did the same all over his sheets. Tord dropped next to Tom, breathing heavily. He pulled the covers up, holding each other close. Tom rested on Tords chest.

Tom:"...I love you.."

Never did Tord thought he would ever hear those words.

 About a week has passed since they'd fucked, and their relationship has been going beautifully. Tom and Tord were just walking along the sidewalks in the streets of London. Passing convenience stores and people. There was this one girl that stopped to say hi.

(victum #849):"Hey there, cuties~"

Tord:"Oh, hi! We can go somewhere private if you'd like." Tord secretly winking at Tom.

(victum #849):"Okay!" The two slipped away in the back alley. About ten seconds later, only Tord came back, and returned to Toms side.

Tom:"What happened to her?"

Tord:"She found some homeless kitty looking through the trash can."


  They chained their arms together, putting their hands in their pockets. Casually walking down the streets. Some girls noticed, and just continued walking. Another chick seemed like she wanted to talk, but when she saw our hands, then made a 'tsk' sound. 

 This is all that Tord ever wanted. For him and Tom to be a happy couple and for other people to stay the fuck away. 

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