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She wrote the word on the board. "Soulmates. Someone tell me what it means to them"Miss Ellen said. Everyone raised their hand. Besides the kid in the back. "Charlie"she pointed to the red head. "A person to have a good night with"the red head winked. Everyone laughed.

"Ok. Jo. What about you?"Miss Ellen called on her daughter. "What Charlie said"she laughed. The teacher didn't look amused. "I want an appropriate answer. Something that truly tells me,that you all understand what this word means. What this amazing word means. "She explained. Everyone just stared at each other.

Just then everyone turned around. The silent kid raised his hand. "Yes. "She pointed to him. "Someone to love. And you know loves you. Not a person who will walk out for one flaw but will care and love that flaw. Now someone to leave at a mistake but to help fix it. They not only make you a better person but make you. You"he said.

She smiled. "Perfect. I couldn't have said it any better. "She told him.

"Now the reason I am speaking of this is because you are all coming to the age of getting that voice. Some may have already had it. And found that person at a young age. Others might not be lucky. Remember don't hurt someone because they are one of the fallen. They still have a soulmate. They just aren't here"she stated. Everyone nodded.

Then the bell rang. "Class dismissed. You may all head home"she said. Everyone got up and left.

"Yo dean"a certain red head called. I smiled. "Hello Charlie. "I smirked. "That kid can say some pretty cool stuff. I'm very impressed. Kids gotten better then the beginning of the year"she said. I nodded. "Yeah. So how was P.E?"I asked. "Amazing. "She smirked. I laughed.

"I bet it was Charlie "I shook my head. We continued to walk. "So anything new?"she asked. "Nope. Nothing. What about you?"I asked. "She sounds hot"she said. It took me a moment to realise what she said. "Wait really"I smiled.

She nodded. "Oh my god. Charlie that's amazing. "I hugged her. "I know. I'm already in love"she hugged back. "What's her name?"I asked. "Dorothy. And we are meeting this Friday "she smiled. "I'm happy for you. "I said.

"Just wait until you hear that voice"she said. I rolled my eyes. "Like I'm gonna get that voice. Besides my father already told me the rules "I said. "Oh god"she whispered. I nodded. "Yep. Must be a girl. Must be pretty. Must have a nice family. And must have a career in mind for the future "I said.

"God I hate your dad more then I hate straight fanfics"she paused. "And that means something "she adds. I nodded. "Yeah. I tried to explain to him that I don't like girls. But he doesn't listen. My mom does. And she just tells me to be happy"I explained. She nodded.

"What does Sammy say?"she asked. "Please Sammy is just telling me to do whatever the hell I want. He never listens to the old man. "I laughed. "How is he doing being a freshman?"she asked. "Ok. Gabriel won't stop pranking him though"I laughed.
"Wait. Gabriel Novak. The senior?"she asked.

"Yep"I said. "Wow. "She nodded. "Well let's get to our last class shall we"I said. "We shall my good sir"she smiled.


"Sammy. Stop flirting and get in the damn car"I yelled. Sam gave me a look and waved bye to a blonde girl. She just smiled and waved back. I smirked. He got in and gave me a stare. "You love me"I smiled. "Screw you"he said. I laughed. "Let's head home. I'm tired"I said.

"Yep. "He nodded. I started driving.

Then we got to our house and Sam ran out. I shook my head and smiled. I grabbed my stuff and followed. I opened the door and saw Sam hugging mom. "Hi dean. How was your day?"she asked . "Great. Nothing new happened "I told her. "Nothing?"she asked. I knew exactly what she meant. "Nothing"I said.

"Sammy?"she asked. "Mom. Only Dean calls me Sammy"Sam said. Meaning nothing as well. She nodded. "Well. I love you boys. Know that. And between me and you two. I don't care who your soulmate is. You love who you love. "She smiled.  We nodded. "Now hurry and get ready for dinner"she pushed us. We laughed.

Some time later

We were eating food when my head started to hurt. "Ow"I dropped my fork. "Dean?"mom questioned. I nodded. "I'm fine. Just really tired"I said I started to eat again. But it got worse. "SHIT"I yelled. "Dean language "mom yelled. Dad laughed.

"Mom. I can't move"I said. She ran towards me. "John. Help me move him to his room"mom told Dad. I felt my dad pick me up and my mom help. After a bit. I was set on my bed. "Dean. Do you hear a voice?"mom whispered. I shook my head. "Ok. You might be sick"she kissed my forehead. "I'll be you some medicine "she walked out.

Soon the headache started to go away.

"Why does my head hurt"a voice said.

My eyes got wide. 'Oh my god'I thought. It was silent.

"Holy shit"the voice said.

I got the voice. I got the freaking voice.


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