Chapter 106

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Suman's POV.

"We will go shopping in the afternoon Shravan, I promise you. Till then while we girls are shopping why don't you take Charles and Danny for sight seeing?"

"We will go shopping together now, then we will take them for sight seeing."

"Shravan what is the matter with you? In London I did go shopping without you numerous times!"

"That was not for our engagement."

I sighed helplessly. He is being so stubborn and unreasonable!

No denying his words are doing strange things to my heart but what can I do?

"This is Vandy bhabhi's plan Shravan." I said with firmness.

"You are right."

I peered at his face. He is convinced? So easily?

He got up and started walking out of the room "Where are you going?"

"To make Vandy bhabhi say she wants me to come." He said with a smirk on his face. "Watch" he said dramatically pointing two fingers towards his eyes "-and learn." With a wink he added "A crash course."

He turned around and walked out of the room. "Shravan!" Oh God!

Crash course? What is he upto?

I ran after him and saw him outside Vandy bhabhi's room talking to her.

"- and I certainly don't want my lovely bhabhi to exert herself." I heard him say.

What exactly is he playing at?

"Oh Shravan that is sooooo sweet of you." Vandy bhabhi gushed "But who will do it?" She mused "Can you do it Shravan?"

Shravan's shot me a triumphant look before masking it with a blank look "Me? I have to take Danny and Charles for sight seeing-" giving a dramatic pause "- but my bhabhi comes first. I will send them with Dubeji and join them later."

"You are the best Shravan. Thank you for agreeing to come to the Mall."

Oh my God!

"Suman he is so considerate. He does not want me to carry heavy bags after shopping from the Mall to the car." Vandy bhabhi told me with a smile.

The conman! He shot me a smug look nbehind bhabhi's back and lifted his collars to emphasise his victory.

"Once we are done shopping we will call you Shravan. You can come to the Mall to collect the bags from the shops and take them to the car."

Priceless! That was the new shocked look on his face at Vandy bhabhi's words as she walked down the stairs.

A giggle escaped me "And that's a crash." Ignoring his glare I continued "Meet you at the Mall Porter boy!" I walked down the stairs with a pouting and pissed Shravan following me.

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