Part 1

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When the sun came up on the first of November 2017, Charlie "Crazy Legs" Kirkland, the Football King and self-proclaimed Lady Killer of South Vale High, was a relative vegetable. His girlfriend Marnie Baker found him sprawled out in his front yard, his left leg covered in blooms of thick, sticky blood, his arms splayed out like the wings of a fallen insect singed mid-flight by a bug zapper. His lips moved wordlessly in a puddle of his own drool. His eyes were wide and blinking, but when a blubbering Marnie took his head in her hands and tried to speak to him, tried to make his eyes meet hers, Charlie's irises merely gyrated, focusing elsewhere and nowhere at the same time.

Marnie blamed herself. She screamed at him, begging him to get up. She spun around in confusion before finally taking out her cellphone to call for help, and, when the ambulance and police arrived, Marnie -- against her better judgement, and some more than fair advice from Selina Carver -- tried to tell them what had happened to good-old "Crazy Legs" the night before.

One officer laughed. The two EMTs, however, did not find the story so amusing. They decided that her ramblings were so incomprehensible she might need psychiatric evaluation.

When the ambulance rolled away from the curb, it passed by Old Lady Spindler's house for just one moment, and through the vehicle's back window, as it carried on down the road, sirens wailing, Marnie could just see the thin wisps of smoke beginning to sneak out around the cracks in the window frames and door frames of the decrepit old house. Then, as the ambulance rounded the corner, she thought she saw Selina Carver's car skid out from the side street beside the house and barrel down the road in a mad hurry.

Through her sobs, she screamed that she hoped the witch was dead, she hoped Selina had kept her promise. Her screaming became so frantic and incomprehensible that the EMTs finally had to sedate her.

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