im a natural green

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awsten was just your average 24 year old, apart from the fact he was a complete weirdo, had blue hair and was in a band, so he wasn't really an average 24 year old actually.

he was getting ready to go on stage and practicing their song "in a natural blue" but he was bored of this song, it had been around for a few years now so he wanted something new, something more fun, something spectacular.

our lord, our saviour shrekus swamp must have found out about his longings for this new song, so he decided to help poor awsten. and he knew just the thing to help him.
awsten was sat on the couch backstage, playing a game on his phone when he felt a warmth next to him. he brushed it off though as he thought it was one of his band mates, geoff or otto. but oh boi was he wrong. it was shrek ! shrek was here to save him!

"oh hello there" said the mighty green ogre.
"woah it's shrek!" awsten excitedly replied.
"indeed i am young blue one. i could hear your cries and pleas for a new, better version of 'I'm a natural blue' and i decided to come and help you as i know just the thing." shrek said in his sexy scottish accent whilst smirking.
shrek led him into a big green rocket that would take them to his swamp layer so they could work on the song.

when they got to his swamp, shrek gave awsten a guide around and then they got to work. it started off slow, a few touches around awsten's body with his mighty ogre hands. "w-what are you doing shrek" awsten asked startled.
"oh baby boi don't worry, it will all be ogre soon darling, i'm going to make you even wetter than a waterpark." shrek whispered back.

shrek undressed awsten and flipped him onto his hands and knees. shrek then stripped himself of his expensive clothing and gave his dick a few strokes before going in dry.
awsten screeched out in pain, but he wanted this, it hurt so so so bad. but he did it for shrek. shrek thrusted in and out of awsten before pulling out quickly.
"now baby boi, instead of singing "i'm a natural blue" you can sing "i'm a natural green"" shrek whispered calmly yet seductively into awsten's ears before ejaculating is sticky green liquid all over awsten's hair, immediately dyeing the once blue hair green.

and from then and now on, awsten will sing 'i'm a natural green', thinking about his amazing time he had with shrek.

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