Dear Mr. President... I Think I'm Dating Your Son [10]

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xxx Been a long time coming I know but some altercations have caused Ghostwriters to I'm going at this alone , anyways for now this will have to suffice. You know what to do xxx

**Whistle blows**

I pried my eyes open, "ahh" I groaned, I looked to see if Kale was there but he wasn't

"get your butts up, change of plans were not camping out anymore Ms Stephtanie's had an accident. And broken her leg" Coach Richardson called out.

I closed my eyes for what felt like a brief second(well so I thought)

When I opened my eyes again I got out of my sleeping bag, rolled it up and packed my stuff all in less than 10 minutes. As I walked out of my tent I realized everybody had already left to go back

"oh" I gasped realizing this, the least Kale could have done was help me out. I thought to myself.

I left my stuff on the floor and turned to go pack up the tent

"hey" a heard a familiar husky voice call out to me

I turned to see Zach walking towards me in all his rugged glory "hi" I murmured against his ear as he kissed my cheek. Could swear I felt him stiffen. What was up with him?

"Lemme help you out" he said as he bent down to pull the nails that were holding up the tent out of the ground

"so hey how have you been"

"I've been alright, nothing new" he said looking like he was in a momentary lapse of deep thought

"thanks" I said as he finished helping me fold the tent. We began walking back up the trail,

"so how have you been?"


"yes you who else could I be talking to?"

"Oh sorry I just have a lot on my mind, but I've been cool"

"hmm, have you worked things out with Kale yet?" Zach said using an especially scornful tone when he said Kale.

"No I haven't, I'm not too sure I want to..." I trailed off.

"hmm, well yo-"

"Enough about me" I said cutting him off "I want to know what happened between you and Kale"

"it's a long story" he mumbled to himself

"well it's a long walk, and "

"Fine... Do you remember at the beginning of junior high when you went on holidays for Spring break,"

"yeah of course I went to Italy and I met you just before left, I'll never forget that, why?"

"Well after you left that afternoon, Kale and I got into a...umm... A disagreement you could say..."

"Go on"

"It was over you, Kale was pretty insistent that I stay away from you"

"Oh" I gasped to myself.

"And we sorta made amends soon after that, but err... Cooper James had a party and invited me and well Kale was obviously there with his mates and well things got a little outta hand and some words were said, a couple of punches were thrown and well..."

"Well what?" I asked "Zach what aren't you telling me"

"We made a bet" he said looking guilty

"A bet? On what?"

"Who would 'have' you first" he said shamefully "but then when I started dating you I realized I loved you so I called the bet off but"

"But what?" I asked glaring at him tears blurring my vision

"Cass yo-"

"You bet on ME? How did you think I'd feel, did you even care?" I spat at him "sometimes I wonder why I even bother" I scoffed walking away.

"But Cass I-"

"Was it ever truly real?"

"Yeah it was, though I'll be honest and say that at times my competitive side took over..."

"Unbelievable" I whispered to myself shaking my head, After practically crying my heart out I headed straight for my room.

Upon opening the door, I saw Kale lounging lazily shirtless on his bed reading. He looked up from his book, saw my red puffy eyes and raised his eyebrows at me.

Sitting up, he opened his mouth in an attempt to ask what was wrong but I gave him a serious look and said, "We need to talk"

xxx bet your thinking that he didn't answer Cassie's question, well all will be revealed in due time. Sorry it's super short, 11 should be up soon. You know what to do xxx


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