chapter 2

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Chapter 2


School was so boring as usual and the boys keep giving me flirty glance. I really don’t know why they even does that cause it only make them seem stupid in my eyes. Even the girls act stupid when coming close to me. My days have always been repeated, it’s always the same thing, coming to school, going to classes, reading on lunch breaks and going on more classes. The only thing that is different is when I play street basket with strangers on my way home from school. It’s only when I play that I let out my emotions. I really love basket and have done it since I first could hold a ball. Playing basket is the only thing that stays the same even after my mom die. I can’t really let go of it cause I know mom would be sad if I did. She has always loves watching me play and would skip job to do that too. Yeah she was really stupid but she’s the world’s best mom. I’m not in a basket team anymore but I still play on the street whatever I want to.

“Rachel, can you please come up and write the answer?” my math teacher asks waking me from my daydreaming.

I stand up and went up to the board. I haven’t even heard the question but when I saw it on the board I let out a sigh. It was an easy question and I could answer it easily. I’m not a genius but I’m doing well in school even if I have a habit to daydream when a teacher speaks. But for some reason I remember everything they said and it’s so weird cause I don’t listen when I’m daydreaming.

When I go back to my seat I saw Stella smiling widely at me and I feel confuse again. Didn’t she hate me? She has always tease me and I know she love it too. I never get what that girl is thinking sometime. She’s out going and popular with everyone in the whole school. She’s funny and nice to everyone but with me she’s just teasing. Her teasing gets lots worse lately and for some reason she has been touching me a lots. But the most surprising thing is that I don’t mind her touching me at all. She’s the only who have come that close to me since I close my heart. Not even my dad gets to touch me nowadays. I mean I didn’t really let her touch me, she forces that on me but it didn’t feel uncomfortable.

I look away from her gaze cause I know if I look more into her beautiful eyes then all the wall I have built up for all this year would be destroy in less than seconds. She have that effect on me, the more time I spent with her the more I feel comfortable in her presence.

I can still feel her gaze on me so I pretense to take note so I can skip looking at her. I feel like her gaze was burning my back and it was starting to feel uncomfortable. What’s wrong with her? Why was she staring so intensely at me?

I couldn’t take it anymore so I turn around and stare back at her feeling a little bit irritated. She didn’t look away but instead dare me to compete with her. Her smile has gone wider and my heart has starting beating faster. We just stare at each other like that until I heard a cough right next to me and my head turn around breaking out staring contest.

The person who coughs was our teacher and she was glaring at me and Stella. I didn’t know what happened and how long we have been staring at each other but looking around now I can see that everyone have left the classroom and the teacher was the only one her beside me and Stella.

Wow that have never happen before and I didn’t even know what happened. It was like the world around us just disappears when we look at each other.

“Stella, Rachel can you two please tell me what you were doing during my class?” the teacher ask and she was still glaring at us.

I couldn’t find my voice to answer her so I keep quiet so Stella answers for both of us.

“We were just having a staring contest” she said and gave the teacher a sweet smile.

The teachers face was priceless when she heard the answer. I couldn’t help but laugh and get a surprising look from Stella. It must have been really surprising for her to hear me laugh cause I have never done that since my mom’s death.

The teacher let us of after a few more glare and we run out as fast as we can, afraid she would change her mind.

I didn’t realize that Stella was holding my hand until we got home and was a bit surprise that I feel a bit disappointed when she let go of it.

Today was so different from usual but it has feel so refreshing. Maybe laughing once in a while is a good thing. That night I went to bed with a big smile on my face feeling I have begun to change.

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