Eww? (1)

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"Behind every succesfull person is a substantial amount of coffee."


It's been 2 days since Liz and I changed positions. She's now hopefully taking good care of my animals. I in the mean time moved in a little apartment that Liz bought for me. I'm now waiting for the interview that comes around in 2 days.

I suddenly hear my phone ring and pick up.

"Eww, don't cling on me, nasty chicken", Liz shrieks out.

When you talk about the devil.

"Hi, Liz." I giggle.

"Don't laugh. It's been only two days but I'm already getting crazy from those animals. I hope you hurry up and find his weakness so I could come back to New York. That aside have you already bought something to wear on the interview?"

"I wanted to wear my jeans and T-shirt." I hear Liz gasps out on the other side of the phone.

"What? No, you can't do that. Omg! I'm going to send you to a popular clothing shop for business. I will call them now and order what you need to wear so you need to pick it up. Wear that on the interview day."


"That's for now I'm glad I called or it will be a total disaster."

I lay off the phone and take a deep breath. It's my first time in a big city and I can say that I'm not really a fan of all those buildings. I miss my farm and all the nature.


After picking up the clothes in the mall I decided to look around the city a little. I stopped randomly in front of a little coffee shop and decided that a cup couldn't hurt me. I normally never drink coffee, because by just one cup my heart already pounds 150 per minute.

I step in and immediately got blown away by the delicious smell of coffee. I've never been to a coffee shop this is my first and surely not my last.

I order a caramel macchiato and take place on one of the comfy chairs and enjoy the coffee that I deserved after doing... well, nothing.

After drinking my coffee that was more than delicious, it was magnificent. I was about to stand up, taking my bag and get home, but before I could do anything the bell on the door goes of indicating that there's a new customer.

The whole place is now completely silent. The only sound were the footsteps of the new customer walking to the pay desk.

My curious ass looks up to see why it's so silent. Every face from the workers to the customers have only one expression...


The worst is the girl behind the counter now shaking with completely fear.

My eyes finally lay on the last figure in this room... the customer. He has a suit on looking more expensive then all my belongings. He has that aura around him that radiates domination and power... very much power.

I wake up from my trance by a deep velvet voice, speaking like a treat. He wasn't screaming or anything.

But, boy. It was scarier.

His voice was deep but stern and demanding.

"Why can't I pay with my card?" He asks looking right through the girl that's getting paler and paler by every second.

"I'm s-sorry, mister. But you can only pay with cash." She speaks out quietly, trying to control her fear.

"So you say that I can't pay. We will see with that. If I can't pay this then you surely will not pay your rent this month cause you will be fired." He says, making even me shiver and I'm not the one who he's looking at. I can't imagine what she's going trough.

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