Call Me Killa Cam

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Ceasar- killa-

I smirked and sighed in pure relief as I watched blood drip from this Bitch made niggas head because of the pullet I just shot off. While my brother ju and my right hand man flacko shook they heads I was the only muthafucka in the room grinning because I done killed somebody.

It wasn't my first body and damn sure wasn't gon be my last but I would be lying if I said offing niggas didn't give me a sense of peace, especially when I killed niggas who was snakes behind my back and that's exactly what this niggga here was. I heard through the grape vine that this nigga was stealing my product while working for me. I had already had my suspicions cause I can always sense a funny moving niggga when I see one, but my suspicions became clear when I met up with him this week and he tells me he doesn't have all my money. The only three things I don't fucking play about is my money, my fucking dick and my grandmom.

As ruthless as this nigga knows I am I couldn't believe he thought I was dumb enough to let him get over on me. My entire point of letting him think he was working for me is to test him out and he terribly failed. Which lead me to tell him to meet me here at one of our trap houses so I could do what I had to do. For some reason it didn't matter how cold blooded I was to the streets it was still a muthafucka out there tryna test my abilities and when I tell you they always fell short in the end.

"Ight I'm calling clean up crew, I don't know why your crazy ass over there laughing over a dead body." My brother commented while shaking his head at me.

"Nigga shut up you know you wanted that nigga dead just as much as me."
I replied and he chuckled cause he knew I was 100% correct. He was crazy just like me.

After he called clean up crew to come get the body me ju and flacko went back to ju's crib and chilled. If you haven't noticed I'm the nigga in charge. I'm the biggest drug trafficker in the south side of Chicago. I had the greatest connect from California and had a small network of niggas working for me because I didn't trust almost no fucking body.

Every time it was time to hire a new nigga to put on my team I was always skeptical because every nigga wasn't fit to work for me. I needed to know the niggas rocking with me was solid and there wasn't a lot of that in Chicago but The niggas with me so far was doing what they was suppose to.

As far my family situation I don't have that. My moms was a crack head and my pops was the one who turned her out. He was her pimp and that's how Ju and I was created. My grandmom was stuck raising us and both my parents died when I was young so she ended up adopting us. As you can see I was basically raised up on my own. Me and my brother and grandmom that's it. I loved my grandmom and brother to death but other then that I was cold. I didn't have no remorse for taking a niggas life and I didn't give no fucks bout breaking a hoes heart. Me and ju built our operation from the ground up we can afford mansions and shit if we wanted to. Ju didn't want to until he found a women and to start a family. I thought that shit was funny as hell because I wouldn't ever live with a bitch and I wasn't ever wifing no Bitch.

"Yo nigga Ayana keep blowing my phone up for you" flacko turned his screen so I can see her name.

I took a puff off my own blunt cause I ain't never smoking off no other niggas and exhaled. "And that's exactly why I gave that bitch your number and not mine. Ion need that negativity."

Ju and flacko bust out laughing but I was serious.

"Nigga how the fuck you got your bitches calling my phone; how the fuck that work."

"Cause you don't mind that shit." I took another puff. "Cause if a Bitch constantly blowing up my phone I'm gon make sure she lose her fingers fucking dialing me all day." I spat calmly. "So it's best they contact me through you." they laughed harder. Flacko just shook his head.

Nah I ain't give bitches my number. My temper was retarded and I'd probably strangle a Bitch if she called my phone more then once when they clearly see Ion wanna talk. I wasn't a women beater in no way shape or form, but I don't wanna experience getting push to those limits cause these hoes really pissed me off.

"We meeting up at jewels tonight?" Ju asked changing the subject. "Hell yeah." I nodded. "Bitches up in there is slacking and I ain't been up in there checking them I was too busy worried about offing that snake ass nigga."

"Ight cool." Ju exhaled his smoke. "I want you to meet my shorty."

I nodded a smirked. "You think she The one huh?" I thought that shit was hilarious cause I ain't believe in love or even close to calling any Bitch MY shorty. He must of really been feeling ol girl.

"I'm hoping, but only time will tell." He said and I agreed to that.

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