Part 23 - Old Friends

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I mouthed the words thank you to him but his gaze was else where, his straight facial expression formed into confusion, "Rick!?"


Wait, what? ... "You two know each other?" Glenn questioned while still supporting me, but keeping his gaze between Rick and Tom. Both Rick and Tom glanced over to Glenn and myself, then nodded in sync at Glenn's question. "Well haven't you got something to tell us?" T-Dog looked to Rick for answers about this mysterious stranger.


Rick explained to the group about who the mysterious and very handsome stranger was and how he had come to know him.

They had previously been close friends when they were in college and had known each other since they were little, they were like the best of friends bit they had lost contact when Tom had made it into the military. Rick hadn't made it in and that's when he decided he wanted to be a cop, he got into the academy and became the sheriff.

hmm I thought Rick and Shane would have long time friends, but I guess Shane's friendship was way after Tom. Rick was still talking about the adventures he and Tom had experienced, I stood behind the group and out for the circle that had congregated around Rick. My head still hurt but I was feeling a lot better now and could actually support myself unaided. I felt a surge of the all too familiar feeling of someone watching me, though it didn't feel as creepy and uncomfortable as when Shane had done it. I glanced around to see if my instincts were correct, my eyes met with Tom, his cerulean eyes clung on to mine until mine fell from his gaze. He began to walk over to me, I acted cool, not to make anything too obvious that I fancied him!

"Hey Jess" I turned and looked back at him and smiled "Hey Tom" He looked as though he wanted to ask me something, but he wasn't to sure how to say it. "It's there something going on between you and Rick?" His eyes fixes on mine, I responded quickly, without thought "No! no no no way" he kept staring at me and gave a half smile as though he was pleased with himself "Good" He winked at me with those big blue eyes and simply walked off to join the group. He entered the circle to greet Rick and both of them gave each other a brotherly hug and a put on the back.

Good? what did that mean? he was glad that me and Rick weren't together? or that nothing was going on? does he feel the same? nahh why wouldn't he? Argh! guys are confusing!


"I'm freezing my ass off here! can we get going?!?" Glenn began to jump up and down on the spot, repeating his previous actions. The group glanced round and nodded in agreement, Rick and T-Dog trudged back to the gas station to retrieve the gas I attempted to get last time I was down there.

After another long wait, they were back with two red gasoline containers, we got the sky blue pick up truck filled up and running beautifully once again. I climbed up into the passenger seat and strapped myself in. "Aha! that's what I'm talking about!" T-Dog helped in celebration whilst looking at the bright green fuel light, the tank was full and we were ready to go.


"Right we'll hold up in this house tonight, looks safe enough, we've done a sweep so its clear" Rick assured the group that we would be safe tonight. It didn't look safe, the horrid floral wallpaper was hanging for dear life on to the walls, the mould ridden curtains were half off the rail and the sofa was damp and cold to the touch from there everything had frozen over the previous night. I guess it will just have to do. I picked up my blanket and began to wonder around the house in search of a comfortable and dry place to sleep, but to no avail.

I found a dryish corner and plopped myself down, i placed my backpack next to me and relaxed. I closed my eyes and felt myself begin to drift off to sleep. Ah I needed this. "ARGHHHH!" I shot straight up, snatched my handgun from the endless folds of my makeshift bed and sprinted towards the scream. I frantically checked all the upstairs rooms until I heard it again "ARGHHHH!" Glenn came out from one of the bedrooms panicking just as I was. We both looked at each other before realising it was coming from downstairs. We galloped down stairs to find Hershel, Rick and Carl gathered around Lori. She was having her baby.

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