It Takes Time Part 6.

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We were busy running around grabbing a few blankets and pillows so we could all chill in the theatre room and watch movies. We set up the blankets and pillows and now all we needed was snacks, drinks and our food. The guys and I walked down to see the girls getting some snacks ready with drinks.i


Zayn:"Something smells good"He said making us all nod. We looked and saw Kendall and Kylie busy by the stove. I walked up to them and rested my head on Kylie's shoulder.

Y/n:"Whatcha making?"I asked making everyone laugh while I looked at them. 

Kendall:"Tacos"She said making me smile big.

Y/n:"Is it the ones you put shrimp in?"I asked looking at Kylie making her nod.

Kylie:"Yeah...I was craving it"She said making me cheer.

Y/n:"Thank God! Cause so was I..."I said walking behind the counter and sitting down next to Zayn.

Zayn:"Y/n/n?"He said making me hum and face him"Aren't you going perform tomorrow?"He asked making nod.

Y/n:"Yeah I am..."I said making them look at me.

Gigi:"What song are you going to do?"She asked making me look at them and then my phone.

Y/n:"Its a song I released..."I said making them give me a 'duh' look.

Kylie:"Obviously but which one?"She asked making me put my phone down and shrug.

Y/n:"Not supposed to tell anyone  but you should know tomorrow...."I said making them all groan. I chuckled and helped them all move all the snacks and drinks to the theatre room. We were chilling in room and were trying to decide what movie to watch.

Abel:"I say we watch horror!"He said making the girls shake their heads.

Bella:"Can't we just watch a action movie!"She said making all the girls nod while I sat next to Kylie and Kendall.

Tyler:"Y/ choose what movie to watch"He said making them all turn and face me. I saw the girls all pout and give me puppy dog eyes making me sigh.

Y/n:"Give them a break....we always watch horror movies"I said making them pout.

Tyga:"Fine!"He said annoyed making me chuckle while the girls smiled in victory. I heard the doorbell go off making me sigh and wake.

Y/n:"Pizzas here so I'll-"I was cut off by Bella running out the room making us all laugh.

Gigi:"She still loves pizza"She said making us laugh a little more.

Y/n:"I'm going to check on her..."I said making them nod. I walked towards the door to see Bella with an annoyed look on her face while the pizza boy was smirking and eyeing her making me glare at him. I walked towards her and looked at the boy"What seems to be the problem?"I asked making Bella groan.

Bella:"He won't give me the damn pizza unless I give him my number and I said no but he won't budge"She said annoyed and glared at the boy whos smirk widened.

Y/n:"Its rude not to give a lady what she wants"I said making him smirk.

"Well she wants me but won't admit it"He said making me laugh and look at him while Bella shook her head knowing where this was going.

Bella'"I suggest you give the pizza and save yourself"She said making him shake his head. I heard footsteps making me ignore it and face the boy.

"Not without your number babe"He said smirking making me glare at him. I put my arm around Bella and pulled her closer to me and looked at the boy who didn't seem fazed.

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