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Ch.38 Everything's alright

I sat, looking out the view in front of me solemnly, as the wind slightly blew against me.

The look in her neon pink eyes was almost suffocating, it pains me too see the once most innocent child be scared in the most terrifying of ways. One look and I can see all the things she's been through, every weakness they took advantage of...

They made her into something she never wanted to be, and she realized it...

It's my fault.

That's why I was scared. I always thought she died, but always asked...what if she didn't? I was scared to find out the truth...and see the result of what was done to her if she did live...scared of the results of my mistake.

I looked down at the bandage. On my fore arm as I held the blanket around me.

Me and PJ were tooken to the hospital after my little sister's arrest, they decided to keep a close eye on PJ. I decided to stay of course, I'm honestly really worried about him. Paniced even...but he's an idiot. I'm an idiot.

Why do I help him drag himself into my problems? Why does he insist on helping me? Sometimes I wonder if I'll ever find out.

"You okay?" PJ asked almost startlimg me but I calmed immediately at the familiar voice.

"...Everything's alright." I said as he sat down on the grass leaning against the tree next to me.

For once I realized my feelings, and words weren't as numb as they usually were when ever I am with him. I felt more at ease with him next to me, as if the sadness was very slowly fading.

"You sure?" He asked.

"Yeah, I'm fine." I stated but I knew he could tell I was upset.

We both sat in silence as the night seemed to glow, I looked over to see PJ in gym shorts and a plain white T-shirt that was slight stained red on the side.

I scooted over closer to him and put the other side of my blanket on him, surprising him at first.

"You didn't have to nearly sacrifice yourself earlier..." I mumbled loud enough for him to hear looking down at my hands nervously.

"...Yeah I did." He stated as I sat there not willing to argue at the moment.

"...Your probably the only person I've ever had a hard time understanding..." We both claimed at the same time, glancing at each other only to look away embarrassed.

I looked up at the dark sky, only to see a crescent moon shining brightly down with small stars. I looked at the small ponds surface to see the moon beautifully being reflected, it reminded me of a certain night a little skeleton girls birthday that we celebrated at our favorite park.

I smiled sadly at the memory, i didn't care about anything at the moment except for one thing.

I leaned onto the jock next to me embracing him arm as he tensed but relaxed.

"...Thanks for helping me, even though I didn't ask for it I appreciate you doing that for me." I mumbled.

I was going to let go but I became a blushing mess, as his arm wrapped around my shoulders as if to prevent me from doing so.

"No problem." He replied.

Everything's...better with him around...

I might as well admit to myself I have a stupid crush on the cute guy next to me, I'm just scared of getting hurt by the one person I learned to care for as more than a friend.

I continued looking at the water as the crisp night air swept against my face lightly, and I slowly felt my eyes droop to a close giving into the tempting comfort.


I felt the the teen next to me relax and lean into me a little more, and I couldn't lie. I was blushing a little but I just can't figure out why.

Things have been different lately, hell i even got irritated with Remo and that alone is crazy. Me and Remo had been friends for a while, ever since his uncle married my aunt three years ago and we became cousins. I can't believe i got...jealous...there's something wrong with me and I know what it is but is it bad...?

Do I really want to get rid of him?

AN; welp hope ya enjoy my lovely/handsome readers!

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