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Right outside the castle, I made my way to the beautiful garden where Xander and I had once shared a beautiful memory. Stars twinkling in the sky, cool breeze blowing and sounds of crickets on the background. Everything seems so peaceful. Like nothing is out of the way but entirely wrong at the same time.

Sitting on one of the big stones, I stared at the night full of wonders. Stars so many, shining when their is dark. No trace of moon but still so beautiful.

How I ended in this place? I have no idea.

I just knew that I had to get out, breath something fresh, not lies, punishments, heartless plans and hollow love. I needed something natural, something that can entirely put my heart and mind at rest.

I didn't know how long I kept sitting there with nothing but my blank mind and empty heart when I felt someone behind me. Tilting my head, I was surprised to see Xander sitting beside me. Not having any power to show surprise, I again looked at the sky. We kept sitting there with only our heartbeats as music. At last he spoke something,

"It's beautiful" Turning towards him I saw him looking at the sky with pure adoration, and then looking at me with the same expression and I don't know when my lips escaped the words he said earlier.

"It is" I don't know what to say anymore, what is to say?

He claimed to love me, then hurt my family, my kingdom, and lastly me, I came back with the intention of breaking him, hurting him in the same way, but changed my mind because I have not the heart to do that to someone, changed my plan, got my father free, hurt him unintentionally, and now we are here.

So much has passed but still we are here, sitting next to each other like nothing happened. Silence is too much to bare. It always is.

"What now?" I questioned, knowing what I was saying. He kept silent and after one long pause, finally words left his mouth.

"I am sorry" I turned towards him in disbelief. After all of this, it is the only thing that he can say? Is it enough?
Fully turning towards me he spoke,

"I know it's not enough, how much I try to make amends, I know they are not enough, I have caused something really bad, something really worse, I tried to break you but you know what?" He laughed with no humour and continued while taking my soft and small hands in his big ones and I didn't resist but listened to his words intently.

"I couldn't break you, you were the person whom I should have kept with utmost care and love yet I chose something which I knew would led us here, I was wrong, wrong to think that I can force you in loving me and you proved it, proved that love cannot be forced, it just happens just like it happened with me"

Still staring on those black orbs, he let his words take over me,

"I fell in love with you at the same moment I saw you, you were the most beautiful girl I had ever seen, from your beautiful hair to the tip of your feet, your innocence and purity, your clear heart and mind, every inch of you made me fall in love with you. But I became blinded after finally having you with me, I was blinded by the thought, that now no one could ever separate us. In all of my madness, I forgot to see that you were the one that wanted us separate. I had hurt you and still doing, but I want forgiveness, Anastasia, I want a chance, for me, for us. I forgot how I should treat you, a princess, my princess and I want to make everything right now. I just need your support. Only for this once"

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