Chapter 2

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Earlier at The Servamp's Residence
"Oi!Sleepy Ash!Come back here this instant!" Hugh demanded.

( A/N: In this world, The Humans/Omegas can't Call The Alphas by their Name.

They call Them by what The Vampire decided their Alias Should be.

But if your Chosen,You could call them by Their Real name)

  Kuro turned back,and mumbled,"I've already reached this far.It would be too troublesome and a pain to go back."

And with that, Kuro casually walked out of The Servamp's Residences Gates.

Kuro had just Said that he wanted to visit The Omegas/Humans City. Lily and Jeje Agreed,but Hugh and Hyde protested against it,saying that he could leave tomorrow.

Gluttony and Wrath already had Omega partners,So they were out right now.

Kuro,Being the Character he is,didn't care About people's Approval and just went out.

Kuro Then heard running coming his way.He turned back and Saw Hyde carrying Hugh and running.

"This is such a Pain.." Kuro groaned and Slipped on his hoodie,covering his eyes and Bangs, and Ran faster than the others.

Truth be told,he was actually the Fastest and Best out of all the other Vampires.

  It's just that he was too lazy to do anything,that his speed and strength just seems to go to waste.

  This is why alot of people understimate him.

He ran and ran. He turned Left,Right. Left, right, Right, Straight. And there he was, In the Human's city.

Yes,Kuro had memorised how to get Here.

Everywhere he sniffed,He smelled sweet Smelling Omegas,But None of them were different and Bored Kuro out.

'All of these Omegas are boring.How will I even choose someone..' Kuro grunted and Sniffed the Air Again.

This time though, There was This one Smell that was different from all the others.

This smell was the Tastiest and Sweetest smell of all.

(A/N:Just imagine how Mahiru smells like. I don't know how he smells like..

I'm not a pervert that goes around thinking,'Hey. How would this Anime character smell like in real life?'


  Suggestion by Serun221:


  Reasoning:It's the most common and simple flavour in Ice-Creams out there.)

Kuro Licked his lips.

The other Servamps and Him and Other Vampires had been trained to Not let their sanity run loose Around many Omegas.All the omegas had no effect on him, except for this one.

This one Made his sanity drop, he wanted to Mark Him instantly.

What's more, is that This scent was coming closer and closer to Kuro,Who was Trying to Save up his sanity.

Then, it was as if The scent came from The left and is Beside him right now.

Kuro looked,and Saw a Brunette Boy with Auburn Eyes.

"Hm..I wonder what I would have for Breakfast tomorrow..I have to wake up early after all."

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