If You Must Call

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I miss Agatha. Sue me for saying so, but I do.

She was my only female friend at Watford, and as much as I love Simon and Baz, it was nice to have someone I could just... be a girl with. I don't mean shopping and things. I just mean... doing things like we did two Christamases ago; decorating gingerbread and ignoring the world. It was fun.

After our television programme ends, I call Micah, making sure my bedroom door is securely shut. He picks up after the first ring.


Crowley it's good to hear his voice. I picture his face-- looking naked and perfect without his glasses on-- moving with the two syllables. The way his eyes light up when he says my name. I feel myself relax a bit.

"Hey," I breathe, sinking onto my bed.

"Everything okay, Pen?" He asks-- I can hear the smile in his voice, hidden by the concern. I let out a sigh, wishing he could be here or I could be there. I miss him.

"Not really..." I reply quietly, fiddling with my hair. I hear him close a door, then hear the familiar, faint creak of his mattress.

"Tell me everything."

So I do. I tell him about Agatha's phone call. About the looks on Simon and Baz's faces when I told them she was coming. About how pissed they are. About how pissed I am. By the time I'm finished I regret phoning him-- since when am I a "venter"?

"Penny... it'll work itself out. They'll see. You'll see. Everything will be fine. Besides, she's not staying for very long, so she can't inflict too much damage on the off-chance it does go badly, right?"

I can't help but smile a little.

"You're right."

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