falling for goku - waking up to a goof

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Goku POV

I rushed back to viana's side, but when I got there.. she disappeared, a note was left on the bed. The person who kidnapped her was Chi-chi.

Note: dear my beloved goku, if you ever want to see this hussy again, come to the place where we first met. Love your wife chi-chi.

I gripped the note and went super, I flew out of this place in a rage, I have never been so mad before.

When I got there Viana was tied up and confused, and chi-chi was in her old outfit, the one she wore as a kid. My son's were behind me and they went super as well.

Chi-chi is shocked that her own son's would betray her.

"GOHAN?! GET ON MY SIDE!" chi-chi yelled.

"No mom." Gohan said.

"GoTEN?!" Chi-chi said.

"Im sorry mother, but what your doing is wrong.." goten said.

"Fine then... VIANA WILL DIE" chi chi said as she was raged.

Chi-chi brought out a knife and was about to stab Viana, I used the wind to knock chi-chi off her feet. And the ox king came and grabbed chichi then disappeared.

I went over and untied Viana from the tree and carried her out of there along with my son's.


Viana POV

Goku told his son's to meet him back at capsule Corp, he wanted alone time with me.

Goku took me to a abandoned house, the house looked like it was well kept, goku led me to a bed and throw me down onto it, he then got on top of me, my face was red.. I wanted to know what was going on but before I could ask, goku kissed me.

We had passionate sex, he was so mature it was almost scary.


Next time - falling for goku - Pregnant with a goof's baby?!

"What's a sex? Omg! WHAT'S A CONDOM?!" -Goku 2017

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