your my prince - I'm pregnant?!

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I woke up to Viana sleeping next to me, it's been 3 months since I got kicked out of bulma's.

Not that I care since I have Viana, I want to be there for her.

I hold Viana close to me but let go because I don't want to wake her up, I looked up and chi-chi was looking down at us with a big smile. I give her a death glare but that didn't stop her from staring. I grabbed the blanket and hid under them.

Viana POV

I wake up to vegeta pulling covers over him, I turn around with a big belly and press up against him, he jumps out of bed and chi-chi covers her eyes as she laughs.

"WHAT TOUCHED ME?!" vegeta yelled.

"Vegeta,  hunny..  I'm pregnant, your gonna be a dad again" I said.

Vegeta picks me up and swings me around more happy then he ever was before. While I'm laughing.

Bulma POV

I looked through the windows of goku's place while yamcha just stares at me like I'm insane.

"Babe.. can we go home..?" Yamcha said.

"Shhh" I said.

Yamcha waits in the car, and then I hear Viana is pregnant?! Oh hell no! Vegeta is mine! You hussy! Oh I will get her back! Just you wait Viana, your in a world of hurt now.

I walk back to the car and drive home with yamcha.


Trunks POV

Right before my mom left, I jumped out of the car and ran into the goku household and hugged my father, my real father.

"trucks?!" Everyone said.

"hi!" I said.

"What are you doing here??" Viana said.

"I wanted to see my new mom! I mean.. I love my birth mother but.. she's not as cool as you!" I said.

"Trunks, go home." VEGETA said.

"But dad..." I said.

"If your mother catches you here, we all will be in trouble." VEGETA said.

"Ok...." I said.

I flew back to capsule Corp and mom hit me in the head telling me to never to that again. And never go see my father again.


"Krillin milk" - 18 loves it so much. XD

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