14: Be Careful What You Wish For

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"I'm confused." Mabel took a step back. "Why are you looking at me that way?"

"Oh, Shooting Star," Bill sighed, "you really shouldn't have shaken my hand again. Because now, I'm back to my evil self."


"You can't kill demons," Bill shook his head, "but you can kill their forms. And with each form, they follow a pattern. Good, then evil, good, evil, and so on."

"You were good last time." Mabel whispered. "Now you're evil again!?"

"Yes." Bill smirked. "And boy does it feel great."

"But I made a deal with you.." Mabel shook her head in confusion.

"Demons can't break their pattern." Bill explained. "But I did as you said. I'm the same person I was today. Appearances, anyways."

"Bill," Mabel frowned, "do you still love me?"

"Oh most definitely." Bill nodded. "I'm still a human after all. Just with an evil heart."

Mabel didn't know what to think. She felt as if she was in danger, but at the same time she was trying to convince herself that this was the Bill she fell in love with.

"What's going on in that pretty head of yours?" Bill walked closer.

"Just processing this." Mabel said.

"Why should you?" Bill reached to her. "I'm still Bill. The one you fell in love with. Just with a different personality."

"The Bill I fell in love with was good." Mabel frowned, feeling her heart ache.

Bill stroked his fingers through her hair. "Shooting Star, I have a question."


"I don't want to stay here on Earth." Bill frowned. "I want to go back to my realm, and I want you to come with me. What do you say?"

Mabel already knew she did not want to go. Although she loved the old Bill, this Bill wasn't the one. "I'm sorry, Bill, but I want to stay here."

Bill hesitated at her response, and then smiled. "Oh, Shooting Star. You should know by now that I always get what I want."

"W-what do you mean?" Mabel grew with fear.

"You're my girlfriend here, which means you'll be the queen in my realm." Bill smiled, holding her hand.

Mabel pulled her hand away. "I'm not your girlfriend anymore, whoever you are."

Bill felt pain in his heart, making him angry. "Shooting Star, don't forget you made a deal. I've done my best to fulfill my part, but you said that you'll be mine forever. Now breaking up with me is breaking the deal. And that's not okay with me."

"What happens if I don't go with you?"

"What happens when anyone breaks a deal with me," Bill simply said, "I go after the things they love most."

Mabel knew what he meant. She loved her family with all of her heart and couldn't let her risk their safety because she broke some deal.

She looked down at the ground with tears forming in her eyes. "I'll come with you."

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