The Augma

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A/N:Helloooo everyone!!! Soo as promised, this story is gonna be about Ordinal Scale! This is the 4th book in the SAO:the beginning series. If you would like to read the first story, it has Kazuto(Kirito), Shino(Sinon) and Yui in a sunset kind of photo. Then read the sequel: ggo:phantom bullet, then the third about alfheim. I'm sorry for those who are KiritoxAsuna fans. I myself am one, but I also love KiritoxSinon. So that's what mainly all these stories are mainly about 😁. For those who haven't seen Sword Art Online Ordinal Scale and have been wanting to, I highly encourage you all to go on The subs are very well on there and it's a good site! And for those who just started watching SAO, you can read this story if you want to or you don't have to. There will be spoilers, but keep in mind, I'm doing this story my way and that's that. 🤗 So without further ado, let's start!!!

{3rd person POV}

The year was 2026. 

The augma was released to the public as an alternative system to the AmuSphere , dut to its function to simulate reality while the player is conscious rather than using FullDive. 

The most prominent combat-based game is Ordinal Scale, in which a player's abilities are ranked by ordinal numbers. 

It's all based of augmented reality and not virtual reality. It manipulates things around those who use the Augma. An ARMMORPG developed exclusevely for the popular game Ordinal Scale. (Aka:OS).

A girl with black short hair and had white tied ribbons took a sip of her Starbucks Vanilla Frappe and continued to read about the Augma on her tablet. 

Huh..this seemes quite interesting and definitely more physical to get involved in rather than do a full dive in the AmusPhere.. the girl thought to herself as she took another sip of her coffee.

Suddenly Shino's phone started to go off and she unlocked her phone to see she got a few texts from Rika and Keiko.

Today, she was supposed to meet up with them and Kazuto.

She glanced at her beautiful engagement ring Kazuto gave her after the ALO incident happened a couple months ago and they've yet to still make wedding plans.

There was a slight knock on Shino's store and she got up and walked over to the front door and went on her tiptoes to look in the peephole.

She saw a familiar short black haired young man with a friendly smile on his face.

She opened her door and Kazuto greeted her with pulling her into his embrace.

"Good morning, kitty. Ready to head to the mall?" Kazuto asked with a grin and she nodded.

"Course. Hey Kazuto, are you gonna get the Augma today?" Shino asks while giving him a curious look.

"...Sure." Kazuto hesitated as he shrugged slightly. 

Shino glanced at Kazuto oddly and wondered why he hesitated. 

"Are you alright, Kazuto?" she asked him. 

"Yeah, I'm fine. Let's go check it out." Kazuto said with a small smile. 

Shino still felt concerned now why he was acting the way he was, but she shrugged it off and decided to go with him to the mall anyways. 


The two finally got to the mall and Kazuto parked in the parking garage. 

Shino took off the backup helmet Kazuto always had with his motorcycle. 

He put the helmet back in a little trunk on the back of his bike and then walked back over to Shino and the two headed towards the mall. 

Kazuto and Shino met up with Tsuboi, Rika, Keiko,  and Sugu in the food court area. 

"Bout time you lovebirds got here!" Rika said with an annoyed look and Shino held up one hand. 

"Hey, Kazuto had to pick me up and then we headed here." She tried to explain. 

"Excuses." Rika muttered, but Sugu nudged her giving her a slight annoyed look. 

"It's good you guys made it." Sugu replied and Shino's lips curled upward slightly. 

While everyone started to talk, Kazuto slipped into a seat next to his fiancée and started to playing with one of her hands under one of the tables. 

Shino's cheeks started show a hint of pink on her cheeks and Sugu giggled at the scene. 

Rika, Keiko, Sugu and Shino were all playing pac-man on a table and Shino and Rika won some desserts.

Kazuto placed his chin on one of his hands while he watched the girls finished playing to get their food. 

Rika started to dig into a dessert, but notifications started to pop up right in front of her and her eyes widened.

"What is it, Liz?" Shino asked.

"The calories..they're fattening...." she muttered.

"Then don't eat it?" Kazuto said as he shrugged.

Rika gave him a slight glare and still continued to eat her dessert while everyone else laughed.

After everyone finished dessert, they all decided to go walking around the mall.

Shino finally got her augma gear as did Kazuto, but he wasn't pleased.


I put the augma on my left ear and started to set it all up.

A notification popped up in front of me and noticed it was from Liz.

The real cool thing about this is you can check up text messages or social media and have surroundings change all around you. Kind of like the nervegear and the AmuSphere, but more active since you have to move your body. Bet that would be good for exercising..should get back into that.

Kazuto peered his face right in front of me and I smiled softly.

"Shino." Kazuto said softly.

"Yes?" I ask.

"What were you doing?" He asks curiously.

"Texting Liz. She's mad about the cake thing and is taking Tsuboi with her. Are you ready to play with your Augma?" I ask him excitedly.

"Yeah I guess." He muttered.

I gave him a concerned look.

"Kazuto, what's been going on with you?" I had to ask.

"It's nothing. Yeah I'm ready to play tonight, should be fun." Kazuto reassured me.

He sure didn't sound too convicing....

Regardless of what was going on, I could tell least Kazuto was enjoying spending some time with me. Tonight was gonna get interesting.

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