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this sincerely goes downhill as it progresses but I just needed an outlet for two seconds wow

he'll say my name with sweetness
and my cheeks flush
a part of me says, "don't listen,"
but the other part asks for more.

he says that my lips taste like vanilla
as he devours me, hunger in his eyes.
I let him as my body responds greatly
to his keen hands.

he crossed the line
at a point during our escapades
and I could not forget his disappointed look.
all I had said was, "no,"

one morning he is gone
far away from me
he blocked my number
and his belongings are gone.

the one time I do find the courage to search,
to see where he is now,
I find that he is actually with someone new.
a beautiful woman with a smile to match it too.

after pondering for so long, I realized why he had left me alone that morning.
I just wasn't sour like a cherry
nor did I have the sweetness of strawberries
that was to his taste,

I was just plain old vanilla.

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