Chapter 30

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We flew up the drive. I looked out the windows and no one was outside. They had all moved up to the Alpha house. The Alpha house is where the pack leader and his mate live once they have been mated. But right now it's serving as a shelter for all of the pack. There are walls around it and it is easier to secure in emergency's.

Ahead I saw the large gate. We speed towards it. When the first car was only a few feet away the gate flew open and the first car drove through. A few seconds later we were through along with the final car came through. I saw the wolves behind the last car as the gate shut with a thud.

I rested my hand on Azreals soft fur trying to focus myself. We finally got to the back of the house. Kaden slammed on the breaks and we came to a harsh stop. I would have smacked my head on the back of the seat if Aron hadn't blocked me. I looked out the window and saw the line of doctors running towards us. Kaden was out in a flash and opening the trunk. There was a large gurney waiting for Azreal.

"Alpha." They all said and lowered there head.

I nodded at them and quickly composed myself.

"Azreal is badly injured he lost alot of blood and there are gaping wounds in his back and side. He needs help now."

"Yes Alpha." The doctor closest to me responded.

The carefully pulled Azreal out of the car and onto the stretcher. I crawled out of the car behind him and jumped down. They strapped him down and were running towards the medical wing. The doctor from before was still standing there so I reached up and grabbed the collar of his shirt and brought him down to my level with a yank. He looked at me clearly startled by the sudden action but I ignored his expression.

"Listen up. That's my mate in there. He's been through more shit then you will ever comprehend. If anything happens to him in your care I will personally skin your wolf and turn you into a sweater. Understand?" I asked with a growl.

He nodded quickly and I pushed him away. He spun on his heel and took off after the others. I was just about to ask Kaden something when I watched the gate open again and two cars came zooming up the drive. I walked closer to them and watched as Malik stopped the car a little ways from me. He quickly stepped out and along with the other warriors they came to stand in front of me.

I looked around at my pack for the first real time. I looked at them now as my family. I use to think they were all so dark and cold but now I see there is so much light here. After I had looked over my pack I stepped to the center of the circle.

"Listen up."

"Azreal is hurt and I need to be with him. But first I need to take care of our pack as I know he would want me to do. Here's what's gonna happen so listen up." I said look at them.

"The light pack is testing our borders. I want paroles every 10 minuets. At least 30 wolves in each. Do not cross the territory line and do not engage with them unless there's no other option."

"Also I want around the clock shifts for the compound. No one comes in or out unless they are a warrior or upper pack. No one is to leave the compound is that understood?"

"Yes Alpha." They all replied.

"Kaden will place you in your shifts and patrol groups." I said turning to him. He gave me a nod.

"Malik your with me." I said giving him a sharp look. With ought question he stepped to my side.

At that they all turned to Kaden and listen to him as he assigned them groups. I turned and watched them for a moment. I guess Azreal was right I thought to myself. I remembered him telling me that truly dark things sometimes hid behind the brightest of light. At that thought my heart clenched for my mate and everything that's happened sense we meet.

I turned to Malik and with ought even saying anything he nodded and started off towards the direction the doctors had went in. I quickly followed praying my mate and pack would make it through the night.

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