Chapter 2: World of Chorus

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Log #5: Kingdoms

For the most part, the academies of Devarden and Ismira follow a three-term school year, starting in April. The first term ends around July 20, and summer vacation is enjoyed until September, where the second term begins. Around December 25, winter break begins, and lasts until early January. The third and final term lasts from January throughout most of March. That schedule is the standard for Devarden and Ismira, however there are exceptions in certain private schools and academic colleges. Dominic schools tend to favor a two-term school year; however, the current King of Ismira is pushing to have that system changed to match the other two kingdoms. It is an uphill battle, however, and Dominic is expected to continue with its semester system for years to come.

-General Elvira Ramos

0500 BPE

My first sensation was touch; I could feel our house reverberating quietly yet intensely throughout the thunderstorm outside. My dream of wielding wings freely was still little more than a dream, the fantastical world of Alfheim only existing in the mind. The thunder had rolled endlessly outside reminded me of a cobra that dances to the flute, ready to strike at any moment to the unsuspecting earth. About four hours ago, my peaceful slumber had been interrupted by a bolt of energy that nearly struck one of the four beams that supported our two-story house, summoning a fearsome crackle of light through my window.

The only sound louder than the sky's rage was my little sister Rosa, snoring her little head off in the bed beside mine. She was normally quiet, snoozing softly and soundly, but tonight was different.

Tomorrow was different.

At the ripe age of fourteen, Rosa will be a freshman at Sentinal Academy, one of many schools for physically gifted children. And I, too; I will be a third-year, along with any friends I've met along the way. Sentinal's purpose was to train our finest young warriors to be Chorus's newest defenders.

Heh, defenders.

We call ourselves Chorus's defenders, but it would be far more accurate to call us Chorus's enemy. Ah Chorus, a majestic beast constantly trying to rid itself of its fleas. By fleas, I refer to us humans, of course, the pests we are to this world. Almost a millennia ago, it is said that our world used to actually be peaceful, or as close to that as people can manage, and was called "Earth". Few believe that legend, though, since in a good thousand years we have somehow destroyed all past records, so no one can actually prove any claims they had about the past.

Without proof, claims are nothing but rumors.

To be fair, the planet wasn't physically trying to kill off the humans, it's just a metaphor we used for the countless species of monsters outside the Barricade that do their best to eradicate mankind. Almost exactly nine-hundred and ninety-two years ago, they almost succeeded, wiping out over seven billion humans after mysteriously appearing somewhere on the planet. Now, in BPE, or Before Painter Era, humanity was finally regaining some of its pride.

Or that's how the rumors go.

Anything said about Earth or anything around that time was debatable, and people have actually started to believe there was no time before humans were locked away within kingdoms, our own cages of safety.

The very idea was ridiculous to me.

It was wrong for us to be so much further advanced intellectually and technologically than the beasts outside, yet we were the ones trapped in our own cages. That's why I was training to be a Slayer, through Sentinal. Two years later, I would be able to apply for Arcos Academy, where my strength would truly be put to the test, and where I would either be deemed worthy or not to be one of the select many who risk everything to retake the land that rightfully belonged to us.

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