Chapter 20

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"Hey, is everyone alright?" Ja'far looked around to see (Y/N)'s dress stuck on some moss, making her hang upside down while Sinbad and Mystros were laying on other pieces of moss. Ja'far shakily stands up and helps (Y/N) off the piece of moss, the long dress that Mira put her in rips as she falls on top of him. Sinbad and Mystros stand up and help the kids up as all four of them stare up at the spikes that jetted out.

"Yeah... It seems like we were saved thanks to the moss down here. You okay, (Y/N)?" She looks up at Sinbad and smiles at him, nodding her head.

"My body hurts everywhere, but just being alive after falling from that height is a miracle. Why did you jump down here with us anyways, (Y/N)? It seemed the queen wasn't mad at you." She goes over and hugs Ja'far, jumping up and down.

"I didn't want to be away from Jaffy again. I was lonely, even though the guards and the queen let me play with them. I met her daughters, but it wasn't the same... I just felt like something was missing. So what do we do now?" Ja'far and (Y/N) sighed when Sinbad and Mystros started arguing about something, making (Y/N) point to them. "Jaffy, what are those? You have one too!"

"(Y/N), don't look! Cover your eyes!" She nods and covers them with her hands, making Ja'far point at Sinbad and Mystros. "For now, set aside your idiotic bickering. We need to cover ourselves. For (Y/N)'s sake." Sinbad and Mystros looked to Ja'far, down to themselves, then to (Y/N) and nodded, running around, trying to find something. Sinbad came back with a grin on his face, holding 3 leaves. "Will that really work?"

"Of course! You just need them to stick in place, then everything is solved."

"Can I look now?"

"No.I'll tell you when to reopen, okay?"

"Kay!" (Y/N) sat on the ground, still covering her eyes as she hummed to herself. Sinbad gave the leaves to their respective wearer and instructed them on how to keep it in place, making Ja'far sink into a mixture of anger and sadness. Once their leaves were securely in place, Ja'far walked to (Y/N) and gently grabbed onto her arm. "How about now?"

"Yes. We're covered." She uncovers her eyes and looks at them all. "Thankfully you have something on. Makes things a bit easier."

"Why? I'm like you, Jaffy... Kind of. I don't have that thingie between my legs, but I don't have boobies!" (Y/N pumped her fist into the air while Ja'far shook his head at her. "Is there a way out?"

"I hope so." Sinbad stretches and looks around. "Let's explore that area!" The four of them went off into groups of two and searched for a few hours with (Y/N) mostly getting distracted by simple things like the different types of vegetation or bugs. They eventually gave up and laid on the wall while she looked through her messenger bag for something.

"As expected of the Valley of the Dead. No one has ever returned from it alive so it obviously can't be conquered that easily." Ja'far broke the silence as (Y/N) laid on her face next to him, groaning. He looked down at her and pats her head. "Don't worry, (Y/N). Knowing Sin, he'll think of something to get us out."

"The cliff sides are covered in moss, so climbing them is impossible. I also thought the bottom of the valley was really wide, but we're surrounded by rocks on all sides and can't go very far. There are no traces of animals coming and going, and it's not like there's an escape hatch anywhere. Our only salvation is that we have access to a spring. Without water, we wouldn't have lasted more than a few days. (Y/N), you can use magic, right? Can you float us out or something?"

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