your my prince - vegeta! make your choice!

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Bulma POV

I saw vegeta everyday by viana's side hoping she will wake up, he walked out of viana's room and I walked up to him and hooked my arm around his arm, he flinched but didn't look at me.

"Vegeta.." I said.

"What?" He said forcing himself to sound angry.

"I want you to choose." I said.

"What do you mean, women?" He said.

"I want you to pick, me or viana." I said.

"..." he said.

"I'll give you until 4 days." I said.

I stopped holding onto his huge musculs, and walked back in to check on Viana.

Viana began to wake up slowly, she reached for my hand and I held hers.

"B..bulma?" Viana said weakly.

"Hello, viana.. don't stress yourself and get some more sleep dear.." I said.

"Ok... thank you bulma.." Viana said.

Viana passed out again, the thing is.. Viana woke up a while ago but her strength hasn't returned to her, I refuse to tell vegeta. I won't let him have his choice, he needs to be with me. I need him, Trunks NEEDS him. I'm sorry viana.


Vegeta POV

Since the conversation with bulma, it's been 4 days, I still don't know what to do. I kept going to Viana's room within the 4 days but on the 4th one I stopped thinking it was hopeless.

I went outside and saw the 3 stupid squad training, I walked over and decided to be.. "nice".

"What uh.. what are you idio- I mean guys doing?" I said as I rubbed the back of my neck.

"Well.. This is a shocker, the mighty Prince of all two saiyan's is being nice." Tien said.

"I WILL END YOU.." I yelled.

"W..we are training.." krillin said.

"Ok.." I said.

"If your looking for goku, vegeta.. he's talking to bulma." Yamcha said.

"Heh, thanks useless." I said as I walked over to goku.

Once I got close to them, I heard bulma saying that Viana is out training with gohan, I was enraged. I stomped over and lifted bulma up by her collar.

"Hey! Best buddy.. can you let bulma down?" Goku said.



"WHAT OF IT?!" I yelled back



Bulma slapped me and ran away, I felt hands on my shoulder and I turn around, yamcha attempted to hit me but I throw him into a pond.

I stomped past goku, it was clear that my answer is choosing Viana.


Viana POV

I was out of breath fighting gohan. We looked down and saw vegeta flying up to us, he grabbed me by my hand and led me away from gohan, goku tried to stop him bit vegeta wouldn't allow goku to stop him, he was way too pissed off.

Once we were away from them, vegeta pinned me against a tree and began kissing my neck, I couldn't stop blushing.

He began kissing me all over and when he reached my eyes, he looked me dead in the eyes and said.

"Viana, will you allow me to be your Prince?" He said.

I didn't know what to do or what to say but my body moved on its own, I French kissed vegeta as his hands touched my breasts.

We had sex that night, after that we went back to capsule Corp and bulma was there with yamcha.

"So.. what's your choice?" Bulma said as if she won.

"Bitch, you already know my choice, I choose viana" vegeta said as he held my hand.

Bulma bitch slapped vegeta and threw his suit case at him, forcing him to leave, me and vegeta leave as we go over to goku's to spend the night, because goku said we could.

"Ok.. I layed out the beds, and food will be on soon, so happy that vegeta dumbed that big boobed bimbo" chi-chi said happily.

"That's not very nice chi-chi." Goku said.

"No, it's ok kakarote, your wife is right. She was a big boobed bimbo." Vegeta said as he held on to me.

"So best buddy, are you gonna marry viana?" Goku said.

"If she will have me." Vegeta said.

I KISSED vegeta on the cheek and we stayed at goku's chatting with him all night long.

Next time - Your my prince - I'm pregnant?!

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