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   "So.. What was the call about?" asked [Y/N] a bit awkwardly. The previous moment they had just shared not so long ago made the girl nervous all of a sudden and somewhat uncomfortable, she wasn't able of looking at his face now, staring only at her feet as she spoke. Seven, on the other hand, tried his best to forget about it and just kept playing cool.

  Luciel turned the phone off slowly and put it back onto his pocket. The male stared at the ground for a brief moment before looking up at the girl in front of him. As he raised his head, a grin started to perk on his face. "We finally have a plan"

   [Y/N] blinked a few times, trying to process the information she has just received. As realization hit her, she immediately smiled back at him, her [E/C] coloured eyes full of excitement "That's great!" she squealed. "Please, do tell more about it~!"

  Luciel chuckled shortly before continuing, this time in a whisper just to make sure no one hears it, leaning in forward so she could listen to him better: "Well, now that we all know what and who they are, we know how to deal better with them. Jumin's already got as many people to help us out as he could, we're going to end this insane cult easily~!" he emphasized the 'easily' at the end. "We're going to attack tomorrow morning" Seven stated.

   The young lady nod lightly, both excited with the news. Although not for long, as [Y/N] remembered something. "...What about MC? And V?" the girl paused for a bit, waiting for him to understand what she was hinting at, making him quickly come to realization as she did. "...And Saeran?" she asked with pure concern.

   Even though [Y/N] still didn't quite understand the relationship between the two men, she had already come to the realization they shared some deep connection between one another.

  Seven hesitated for a bit before speaking up: "Well..." he sighed "I'll explain it better to you once we get home, you do deserve an explanation after all" fixing his glasses with his somewhat shaky hand, he finished.

   'Whenever we talk about that guy, he always gets all vulnerable and emotional... I wonder... Are they family?' [Y/N] kept trying to figure out all the possibilities as to why he becomes so sad over that person. Was he perhaps a close friend? What if they are actually from the same blood?
   Are they brothers...?

~Time skip~

"Alright... Uffff... Doneee~!" [Y/N] announced as she forcefully opened the heavy door of Seven's sport car - they had finally finished to pick up everything the girl proclaimed she needed, truth be told, it got them unexpectedly pretty exhausted.
She jumped at her seat beside Luciel's, as he followed her and did exactly the same, then proceeding to start driving. [Y/N] sighed - leaning back as she looked around, analyzing her surroundings. "You've got a pretty good car, Seven" the female directed her voice to the person near her in appreciation. He chuckled slightly. "Thank you~ Julia is grateful for that compliment"


  The male laughed at her reaction "Ye. The car's name, idiot."


  "Because they're like my children" he simply responded, leaving [Y/N] speechless. 'What?!'

  "We're here!" Luciel happily informed out loud while aggressively stopping the car, making the girl almost hit her head. "HEY! BE MORE CAREFUL, YOU IDIOT!" furiously, she yelled.

     Luciel laughed "Sorry, m'lady~" he finished teasingly, only to make [Y/N] anger grow. She crossed her arms and looked the other way - so Seven could see how mad she currently was. His laughter slowly stopped fading, and he decided to back it up by quickly hugging her from behind. [Y/N] tensed up as her cheeks grew red.

   "Don't be maddd... I love youuu~!" he whispered as he squeezed you on his arms. The girl snapped and got out of his embrace to successfully complain at him, turning her face up to his, meeting his gaze. "S T O P" she slowly spoke to better emphasize the message.
   He blinked a few times as he stared down at you - only nodding to what you had said, somehow getting lost as he stared at your [E/C], beautiful eyes. [Y/N]'s blush darkened, her first instinct being to instantly look away from him, even if deep inside her desire was to keep going.

  "L-let's go back inside then..." she started and got out of the car as she continued her sentence "You... Still gotta tell me about the whole thing about you and that Saeran dude, yea?"


707's POV

   Getting out of the car as well, I felt a bit dizy - I reached out my hand and had to support my body onto the car.
Ugh... What's happening? I felt butterflies everytime I look at those big, gorgeous, shiny eyes of hers... It's so strange... How she manages to make the blood reach up to my cheeks forming a blush, how I just couldn't stop staring at her whenever I had the opportunity to, how I could get lost on her eyes so easily and wanting to keep like that forever... She just completely drives me insine, it's ridiculous.

   "Seven, come on, what are you doing? Moooove...!" [Y/N] playfully yelled out, pretty far away from me already, getting me out of my trance. Instantly I chuckled sheepishly and ran up to her, she starting to run to the front house's door, starting a friendly race between us. She was incredibly fast?? And amazing...

   'Ughhhh... Stop thinking about her like that... She's a completely normal human being... No big deal. Just... Stop.'

   I tried to convince myself several times that 'She's like the others, she's a friend, stop thinking other wise' or 'What am I even thinking about? Am I developing feelings for her?... No. That's stupid. She's just a friend who happens to be female. Just like Jaehee.'

   Although I did so many efforts, deep inside, my heart still told me repeatedly that I loved her... That I needed her... How I wanted to have her around so bad... How I wanted to try her lips for once...

   Of course, I try my best to ignore that, even if hard... I'm doing the right thing... Right? It's not like she likes me back... Right? Yes... Yea. Right.

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