I hung up the phone, I was practicing what to tell Seth and Greg. But I couldnt, they cant know Gabe is back in town.

"Hello?" Luke says on the other line

"I need your help, and fast" I say explaining everything and giving him the address.


"Hey Im here" Luke says getting out of his car parked in Gabes driveway

"Ok come on, I dont know how much time we have" I say as we jog up to Gabes house

First thing Luke does is run to the bathroom and checks the girls pulse.

"She alive" Luke says as Gabe wobbles down the steps

"So your cheating on me, with this guy?" Gabe says walking towards Luke

"What, no?" I say as the other man that was doing the drugs came up behind me

"He is beautiful" The man says

"How can you steal someone so beautiful from me" Gabe says

"Sir, I would never" Luke says disgusted by Gabes breathe

He had been driving. ALOT.

"Good" Gabe says hugging him


We dropped off the three people that were at Gabes house at the hospital and Gabe sobbered up and realized he didnt know any of the people. He didnt press charges because he didnt want to have any more attention towards himself.

"Riley" Gabe says to me as we drive to his house

I say nothing just looking out the window

"Im so sorry, I was just drinking and I dont know. I honestly didnt know any of those people" He says 

"Why were you drinking?" I asked 

Honestly I wasnt mad he was drinking. People drink and get drunk, for no reason sometimes.

"I dont know, I was lonely and I just havnt drinked in awhile" He says stopping at a red light

"Its fine" I say smiling at him

"So we are good?" Gabe says similing back

"Yes" I say kissing him on the cheek


Super short, and havnt updated in awhile. 

School -.-

But its all good now~

Stay Beautiful xoxo

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