Part 22 - Toy Soldier

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I trudged down the snow covered hill that lead to the gas station, it was a mess! Looks like it had already been searched for gas and supplies.

I decided to look in the shop before getting the gas, maybe there was some chocolate or soda in there, mmm I haven't been able to have those indulgences for while. I walked over to the front door and banged on it with the butt of my pistol and waited. Nothing. I opened the door and walked in, the place had already been searched, damn! I continued searching further on the off chance there was anything, round the back, by the counter and under the shelves, there was nothing here... well worth a try.

I exited the shop and attempted to pull the first gas nozzle from the terminal but had no luck, it was frozen stiff. I kept pulling "Ahhh c'mon!... ahhh, oof!" The nozzle was released as I slipped and fell backwards in to the icy cold surface of the tarmac. Ow my head, fuck! I reached around and touched the back of my head where it had made contact with the ground. I brought my hand back to see blood dripping down my head, oh fuck. I relaxed my body, the others would be hear any moment I'll be fine, I just need to stay awake.

My vision began to show me doubles, I was about to pass out, I looked around for some sort of sign that the others would be here. The only person I could see was a walker strolling towards me, snarling and grabbing the air as it got closer to me. Great I'm alone, and about to pass out with double vision, how could this get any worse. I reached for my handgun and pointed the barrel at the walker on the left... or is it the walker on the right? My arm collapsed and the gun hit the floor, I tried to get up or move but it was no use. This is the end... I know it! The walker got closer, and closer. I was on the verge of passing out when a tall dark figure stepped over me and took the walker down in one blow, then retreated to walk back over to me. I didn't get to see the persons face before everything went black.


"Can you hear me?" A cool sensation began to rush through my head, I lifted my hand to my forehead which had a damp folded flannel across it. It felt good, my head felt much better. I began to open my eyes slowly, a bright light pierced my vision which caused me to close my eyes again. I sat up cautiously and proceeded to open my eyes for the second time which I did successfully. "Ahh" My head was killing, I lightly touched the back of my head trying not to cause any further pain. BANG I jumped and looked towards the source of the noise. There were a total of five walkers banging on the glass of the gas station, hungry to get in and tear me apart. I glanced around and began to wonder how I got back in here. "Hey" I jumped again a spun my stare to whoever just spoke. It was a man, a handsome man. He was dressed head to toe in military issue uniform from the dark green coarse beret on top of his head to the black shin high army boots on his feet. The stranger had bright blonde hair formed into a sheering quiff like shape that was just visible from under his beret. His cerulean blue eyes stared into mine, they were honest, sincere and seemed to sparkle in the poor light, his high crafted cheekbones seemed cast their own shadow upon his face. I glanced further down to inspect his uniform, he was a marine? That could come in handy. I couldn't help but briefly stare at the material of this uniform stretch around his huge arms which I thought might rip, it was so tight!

"What's your name" My eyes averted from his biceps to meet his eyes again, I just about managed to croak out my name to this flawless stranger. "J-Jess... My name is Jess" I kept my eyes on his for a moment, he expressed a smile that must have been carved by angels. "Hi Jess, I'm tom its nice to meet you" He held his hand out for me to take, which I shook. I tucked a stand of my dark greasy unwashed hair in an attempt to make myself mildly presentable "Thank you for saving me... Who are you?" he smiled again and placed a hand on my knee, "It's no problem, really... I'm in the marines, I was sent to help clean up but my barracks got overrun, I'm the only one left" His eyes dropped for a moment, I could see the despair in his eyes, he was morning the deaths of his friends. He shook his head and moved his glance back to me. "Have you got a group, or anyone to go back to?" I completely forgot! I stood straight up trying to steady my self in the process and began to walk to the walker infested door "I have to go, my group is probably worried sick" Tom picked up his paced and walked in front of me stopping me in my tracks. "There's walkers out there and your concussed, let me take you there okay?" I paused on the spot before answering, maybe he could come with us... "Okay, thank you" Tom opened the door and stood there. He shot every walker square between the eyes with each shot, not deviating his stance from the spot by the door he had initially chosen. He was one hell of a shot.

"Right, which way?" I pointed in the direction of the group, what were taking them so long? My thoughts took me back to Rick and what he had said, ugh what an ass! My heart began to drop knowing he would never love me while Lori was around.

A sudden wave of nausea came over me making me stop, I bent over and rested my upper body by pressing my hands on my thighs as a support. "Are you okay?" Tom began to rub my back as if he expected me to throw up, I was concussed after all. "Yeah I just feel a but nauseous, I'll be fine" I breathed in deeply and regained my composure before walking on again.

I could see figures in the distance, I have had enough of walkers today, please be the others. As we got closer I could then begin to identify who they were. I could recognise T-Dog and Daryl, that was about it my vision began to blur again. I raised my arm and started to wave it frantically, the figures began to move their paces to jog the sprint. I didn't run as I could risk passing out again, I just sped my pace up a little. The figures reached me and Tom, I was right it was my group, I collapsed on to Glenn and turned back to Tom. I mouthed the words thank you to him but his gaze was else where, his straight facial expression formed into confusion, "Rick!?"

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