[12] Jane Calling

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Anne's P.O.V.

As Mr. Campbell stepped outside he was once again attacked by the reporters. For me, I had long forgotten that I was a reporter and should join the crowd. Instead of me going looking at my dumb state Jane took the mic and dragged me with her.

"Are you going to do something or stand there itself?" Jane asked, looking at her expressions I could tell she was frustrated with my today's behavior but it was not my fault the images of everything kept coming in flashes and erasing them was not that easy.

Mr. Campbell and his other assistant cops left the place by answering few questions.

Everyone started to leave the place after making the news, which according to me was not doing any progress at all.

We all left the place too, I immediately left for home as my head was giving me the worst pain of my life. I bought some groceries and a bottle of asprin on the way back home. I was driving slowly listening to some French lyrics trumpeting through speakers.

Locking the car I open the door and enter the home, I drop all my thing on the couch and was going to turn back when I heard some rumbling behind my back. The evil scream once again resounded in my ears making me unable to turn back and look who was behind me.

But what if it's some burglar, because of some stupid thoughts I was not going to let him go stealing my things making Mr.Keynes send some other reporter to make a news on me and my stupid reaction and how Anne the reporter got mugged at her own house playing as a highlight.

The steps got closer when I didn't turn back it took one more step ahead. What I did was the stupidest thing one could ever do in this situation, I cried like a child closing my eyes.

Who the hell does that? my mind mocked me.

"Ahhh...Ahhh," I was screaming like an insane person when a hand covered my mouth muffling my screams. My heart was pounding harder as I was trying to get out of the grip of the person who was now holding me with the other hand.

"Anne, open your eyes," said the familiar voice and I quickly opened my eyes looking at the person who was now controlling his smile. Made my own eyes wide, it was Derrick standing in front of me.

When did he come back? At least he could have told me? Was he for real?

What if like the phone call he was not a real person too, he might be the haunted evil creature. The thought made me push him away and take few steps back away from him.

"Anne, what's wrong?" he asked he was surprised by my sudden reaction towards him.

"Nothings wrong," I stammered.

"I thought you were an intruder, what if I could have hurt you," I said looking at Derrick's sad face after my weird reaction, who will love it instead of holding him and giving the most surprising reaction I actually shrieked at him.

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