Chapter 13...

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We walked along through the area. Our new little friend definitely likes the place. Hehehe. Just wait till she sees what I can do, and she'll be like all other girls in the Time Factory. Except, most of the other girls try to hide there obsessive liking for me. But Mikaela, she seems like an open book, just in foreign language. Nothing that I can't handle though. I know SOME English, but not all. Kinda like Blinx. Yes, I know her name is Mikaela. Almost everyone is the Time Factory knows her name due to rumors spreading. She sticks close to Blinx, and Purrcilla does the same. They'll realize it soon, Blinx will never be as cool as me!

Once we turned a corner, we immediately saw a Spiker. It saw us also, bristled it spikes, and rolled towards us at top ramming speed. I grabbed Mikaela's shirt, jumped out of the way, and sucked up a flower pot with my sweeper before I landed on the ground, letting go of Mikaela and doing a barrel roll. Now THAT is true style and talent! WOO! I have too much fun adoring myself, my talent, and my awesomeness. Not that complain though! Blinx just jumped and landed roughly on the ground, sucking up a bench as he landed. Neo leaped, swept up a barrel, accidentally kicked Blinx in the head, and landed beside him. I couldn't help but laugh at them. "Arrependido! (Sorry!)" Neo said to him. Blinx quickly forgave. Purrcilla barely got out of the way and didn't sweep up a thing, her fur on end. Dummy.

Mikaela's breath was heavy. "What was THAT?!?" She questioned me out loud. "Spiker! Uh...Sweep up...trash!" I told her. She looked at her sweeper and pressed a button. I SAID SWEEP UP, NOT SPIT OUT! Luckily, nothing was in the new sweeper, but it was blowing air. I pressed the other button that sucked instead of spit. She had a fierce grip on it as it swept up a large gear. Then I pressed the other button for it to spit out again and it shot at the Spiker, making it die. Yea! That's how you get it done! When it did die, 2 Time Crystals scattered not far from it. One was a blue moon, the other was a red heart. Mikaela stared at the crystals in awe. Yes, they are pretty, but not as pretty as me. Hmpf. Purrcilla was about to sweep them up until Blinx stopped her. "Deixe Mikaela varrê-los. (Let Mikaela sweep them.)" He told her. She gave a low and quiet growl, but did step aside. Ok then...

Then Blinx went over to Mikaela and said "Now...get them." She looked at him, her sweeper, then the crystals again. She happily went over and picked them up, putting them in her pockets. I shrugged. You can just sweep them up too, just an option. And don't mix them up. Neo nodded and we continued.

Wait...Shouldn't she be training with a professional? Blinx is not a all. He might be one of the so-called 'heroes' in the Time Factory, but he is still not a professional. I, on the other hand, am great with the ladies. I could totally train her much better than him. But anyways, it could be dangerous if she screws up badly...WELL NOT MY FAULT IF THAT HAPPENS! We were about to cross a narrow bridge, but it crumbled apart in front of us. "Oh no! How are we gonna cross now? The bridge fell apart!" Mikaela exclaimed. Ha. I got this. Before Blinx would explain what to do, I used my rewind Time Control. The bridge came back up in reverse and I walked across with ease. Purrcilla followed behind me, then Neo, and then Blinx and Mikaela. "Careful." He told her. I think that's pretty obvious Blinx...!

But then time went back to it's normal and the bridge was about to fall apart again. Blinx made it across but Mikaela jumped and almost missed the ledge. I and Neo luckily grabbed her hands and pulled her up safely. If I didn't catch her, I think Blinx would've had a heart attack. That would've been funny to see, but that would mean 1 less admirer for me, so I had to catch her. And plus, I want to know about this woman. She's interesting to me, not as much as myself, but still. I am awesome. Anyways, Blinx ran over to her and hugged her like he hasn't seen her in 50 years. "Eu pensei que você iria cair! Graças a Deus, você não fez isso! Você está machucado? Você está bem? Você precisa da minha ajuda? (I thought you were gonna fall! Thank god you didn't! Are you hurt? Are you ok? Do you need my help?)" He asked in a panicky tone. Woah, he spoke so fast that even I could barely understand him...And I speak Portuguese! Plus, she can't understand you when you speak Portuguese! What an idiot.

"Calma Blinx. (Calm down Blinx.)" Purrcilla told him, rubbing his back comfortably. "Sim, relaxe cara. Ela está bem. (Yeah, relax man. She's fine.)" Neo said. Blinx's ears perked up and his eyes widen in realization. He gave a nervous chuckle and released Mikaela. "S-sorry..." He told her. She gave him a questioned look, but shrugged it off, smiled, and we continued onwards. Ahem...Clingy much, Blinx? Weirdo.

After a few Time Monsters and Blinx teaching her how to connect the Time Crystals to create Time Controls, we were near the exit. Neo looked at his CLOKD and gasped. "Rápido! Dentro a portal! (Quick! In the portal!)" He shouted. So we quickly ran to the portal. Neo and Purrcilla jumped in, but Mikaela hesitated. "Don't...stop!" I shouted. She looked at me, Blinx, then the portal. I see...she's scared...! Well no worries, I got her! I quickly picked her up and she held on tight to me. That's right, I'm the hero. Then I jumped into the portal.


Hey! I was supposed to do that! UGH! I hate Kyle sometimes...Ok, whatever. I can't let something so simple be on my nerves. I jumped into the portal and came flying out from the other side. I landed roughly on the floor and saw Mikaela clenching onto Neo with a bit of a spooked look. Poor girl, she's not used to that yet! He rushed her, and not in a comfortable way either! You got to convince her it's ok before doing that! Plus, she's not used to YOU doing that, only me! Kyle, you dummy! "Put me down." She said bluntly. Kyle looked at her for a moment, then did so. I went over to her. "You...ok?" I questioned. She nodded, gave a shaky sigh, and wiped her clothes. There's no dirt on you. Don't worry.

"I'm fine. Thanks for caring." She answered. I smiled. Then Purrcilla came over to me and said "Blinx! Fiquei preocupado por um momento! (Blinx! I was worried for a moment!)" Kyle scoffed and said "Ele está bem. Não se preocupe com ele. (He's fine. Don't worry about him.)" Rude. Neo rolled his eyes, shrugged, and said "Ela pode se preocupar se quiser. Agora, já que o nosso trabalho está feito, vamos relaxar um pouco. (She can worry if she wants. Now since our job is done, let's relax a bit.)" Agreed. I looked over at Mikaela. "Want to calm?" I asked her. She cocked her head to the side with a questioned look. I DON'T KNOW HOW TO SAY RELAX IN ENGLISH! OK!?! U-UH..."Relax." Kyle helped, but said it bluntly with his face frowning and looking disappointed at me. Uh, yea! That's the word! "Yea! That!" I said with an awkward smile. She thought for a moment, then nodded.

Ya know...I want to go get something for Mikaela. "Be back...Stay with Neo." I told her, then ran off before they could say anything else.

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