Chapter 12...

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It was morning and I woke up before Blinx and his friend. Mikaela I think it was? Yea, that's it. I got up and made breakfast. I just love cooking! It's a hobby of mine. Blinx honestly sucks at it, so I just do it. And I have no problem with that! I made some yummy breakfast rolls for all of us. They got up perfect timing when the food was done. Blinx smelled it and complimented my cooking. I smiled and thanked him. Mikaela looked at them and tried to take one. "Eu sugiro que você não os toque ou então você vai queimar sua menina pequena mão. (I suggest you don't touch them or else you'll burn your hand little girl.)" I teased her. She didn't understand a word I said. She just HAD to speak English...At least Blinx knows MOST of the English language.

Blinx helped translate it for her and she backed up. Good girl. Hmm...Now that I think of it, I could call her ANYTHING and she wouldn't even know what I just said, unless Blinx told her of course. But I'm not that kind of person. I don't like calling others names alot unless they are jerks or best friends like me and Blinx. Now, I can't really say that with all other sweepers though...Oh well. The breakfast rolls cooled off for a minute, then I gave each of us 2. I went to the silverware drawers to get a buttered knife. "O que você está fazendo? (What are you doing?)" Blinx asked me. "Obtendo uma faca para cortar minha comida. (Getting a knife to cut my food.)" I replied, wondering why he asked.

"Você precisa de um? (You need one?)" I offered. "Mikaela não pode estar perto de utensílios afiados! (Mikaela can't be near sharp utensils!)" He told me. Oh yea. Ugh. That's just the most ridiculous thing I ever heard. If I have to deal with this, I swear..."Oh meu Tempo Deusas Blinx! É apenas uma faca de manteiga! (Oh my Time Goddesses Blinx! It is just a butter knife!)" I told him in disappointment. "Não me importo! Mesmo uma faca de manteiga pode causar danos! (I don't care! Even a butter knife can cause harm!)" He replied with his ears down. I rolled my eyes. Mikaela just sat there, ignoring our conversation and eating her rolls. "Acalme-se. Você está falando de bobagem. Que mal poderia fazer com uma faca de manteiga estúpida? (Calm yourself. You are speaking nonsense. What harm could she do with a stupid butter knife?)" I asked with a glare.

He went quiet for a moment. Yea, that's what I thought. I got the butter knife out and Blinx started to speak again. "Ela ainda pode causar danos com ele. (She can still cause harm with it.)" Jeez Blinx...I shook my head in disbelief and looked over at her. She was eating her rolls just fine. I cut my 2 rolls in half and put the knife in the sink. Blinx got up and quickly washed it and put it away. Whatever...We all continued eating. Once we were done, we put our plates in the sink. I'll wash them later. Then Blinx asked Mikaela to follow him and went out the door with her, sweepers in hand. I followed with my sweeper also. I looked in my CLOKD to see which world I was assigned to:

W5F90 has some favorable Time Usage rate.

Monster threat code: Yellow.

Average sweep time: 15 minutes.

Ok. I looked over at Blinx's CLOKD and it said the same assignment. "Legal! Eu vou te encontrar lá. (Cool! I'll meet you there.)" I told him with a light punch on the shoulder. Then I ran off.


Apparently I and Neo were assigned to the same world. Ok...I wonder if others sweepers are joining also. I walked along with Mikaela by my side. She seemed ready for her training. This is her first time actually working like a time sweeper. I have a good feeling about it. I get to train her myself! We got to the portal, but she hesitated to go in it. "No...fear. I...catch you." I told her with a warm smile. She looked at me, nodded and I jumped in.

Once I came flying out of the air, I landed on my feet and saw some other time sweepers with their sweepers in hand. I caught Mikaela, put her down, and looked at the other 2 time sweepers. First was Kyle. He was a full plain gray cat with purple eyes, a purple jacket, brown pants, white steel-toed boots, silver goggles, and brown gloves. He also had a scar over his left eye. How did he get that? I don't remember him having that...ever.

Anyway, then there was Purrcilla. She was a calico cat with foggy-like blueish-purple eyes, a hot pink jacket, blue pants, purple goggles, and purple steel-toed boots. Hmm...I, Neo, Kyle, and Purrcilla were part of the same sweeper team. We ARE a time sweeper team. Why are we all together? Is something going on I don't know about? "Oi Blinx...(Hi Blinx...)" Kyle said, turning to look at me. "Oi. Por qué estamos todos aqui? (Hi. Why are we all here?)" I asked. "O que você quer dizer com isso? (What do you mean by that?)" Purrcilla replied in question. "Toda a equipe está aqui. Por que razão? (The whole team is here. For what reason?)" I said, a bit confused.

"Eu não sei, mas eu não me quejo. Quem não me querria por aí? (I don't know, but I don't complain. Who WOULDN'T want me around?)" Kyle said snobbishly. I rolled my eyes. "Eu também não sei. Vou questionar depois. (I don't know either. I'll question it later.)" Purrcilla replied. I nodded. She right. We need to do our job before the time runs out. I looked over at Mikaela who went up to Neo and smiled. "Oi?(Hi?)" She said, questioning if she was speaking right. Neo said the same back with a smile. "Oh meu Tempo Deusas, ela disse sua primeira palavra em português! (Oh my Time Goddesses, she said her first word in Portuguese!)" I said proudly, partly to myself and partly to everything around me. She's learning! YAY! It may be one word, but she's trying! Then I went over and hugged Mikaela. "So...proud!" I told her.

Mikaela chuckled and I let go. I cleared my throat and said to Kyle, Neo, and Purrcilla "Eu trouxe Mikaela aqui para lhe dar sua primeira prática. (I brought Mikaela here to give her her first practice.)" They nodded, but Kyle gave a weird look at me. "Vamos mover amor. (Let's move love.)" Purrcilla then said to me. Please do NOT call me that. But I nodded and made Mikaela follow the 4 of us...

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