13: Shake My Hand

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"What did I do wrong!?" Ford frowned. "I just killed the demon who happens to be our most dangerous enemy!"

"That's what you think!" Mabel shook her head. "Bill changed, Ford. He was a human! He had a heart and feelings this time. Even though it was a short time, Bill learned how to be kind! And you just killed him!"

Ford looked down at the ground. "You kids lied to us."

"We wanted to give Bill a chance." Dipper said.

"You let a dangerous demon into our home!" Ford yelled.

"Ford," Mabel looked down, "I would say I'm sorry. But I'm not."

Ford shook his head and dashed out of the room, slamming the door behind him.

Mabel dropped to her knees and sobbed. Dipper walked over to her and hugged her, trying to comfort her.

"You really did love him, didn't you?" Dipper frowned.

"Yes." Mabel sniffed.

"I'm sorry, Mabel."

Mabel said nothing, only hugged her brother and cried into his shoulder.

Later that night, the Shack was silent as ever. No one talked at dinner time, and everyone just did their own thing. Dipper flipped through the pages of his journal, Ford hid himself in the basement, Stan was watching Ducktective, and Mabel curled up into a ball on her bed.

Mabel was trying to think of Bill's last words.

Shake my hand. I'll come back to you.

"What did he mean?" Mabel mumbled to herself.

Dipper tried to leave Mabel to her own thoughts, but at the same time wanted to help. "Did Bill say something?"

Mabel sat up and looked at her twin. "He said he'd come back to me if I shake his hand. But I don't get what he means."

Dipper tapped his chin with his pen. Then it became so clear. "Mabel! All you have to do is shake Bill's hand from his statue in the woods."

Mabel slapped her forehead. "Why didn't I think of that?"

"Well?" Dipper gently smiled.

"What?" Mabel tilted her head.

"Aren't you going to see your boyfriend? I'm sure his soul is lingering waiting for you."

Mabel's face lightened up in a snap. "You're right!"

She got up and put her shooting star sweater over her tank top. "And you won't say anything?"

Dipper shook his head and sealed his lips. "Not a word. But text me if you need me. Okay?"

Mabel gave him a thumbs up. "You got it."

She crept down the stairs and stormed out of the house without anyone noticing. Mabel ran into the forest, desperately trying to find Bill's statue. She used her phone as a flashlight, since it was nighttime.

After a long search, Mabel found what she was looking for.

"I'm here, Bill."

Mabel approached the statue. "Bill, I'm here to make a deal. You come back as the person you were today, and I'll be yours forever."

She did not hesitate to shake the hand, making a beam of light appear yet again and knocking her down into the dirt.

The light disappeared and immediately look up with a smile. "Bill!"

It was the same Bill she had remembered from the same day. Except there was one thing that was different.

Bill turned around and saw Mabel, only to give her a devious smile. "Why, hello Shooting Star."

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