Katie's P.O.V

I can't believe Danny. Why did he have to go and look me up? I was so angry at him but most of all I was furious at the fact that, even though my head told me to break up with him, my heart was telling me that I loved him and I did but I just can't go back to him. It would ruin everything.

I'm shocked and horrified that he found that news article, I'm just grateful that he didn't see the rest of it, just the photo but that was bad enough. I want to tell him I really do but I mustn't and I won't, I'm not stupid. I've just got to forget about Danny now, he's gone and we're done, that's it. At least he doesn't live near me so it will be a whole lot easier for me to never see him again. Growing more tired, I plodded off to bed with the only man in my life now, Rogue. ''Love you Roguie baby'' I said to him, as I tickled his belly, he loves it.

The next morning, I was up early and ready for work. Before I got in my car though, I let Rogue out into the garden, for him to do his business and I made sure he had water and dog food on the floor in the kitchen.

As soon as I got into the car, I heard my phone go off, it was Danny. I just ignored it and drove to the hospital. The journey was increasingly annoying with each mile I drove, as Aloe Blacc 'The man' kept on going off loudly, meaning that my mobile had received, in total, five calls, everyone of them had been ignored because everyone of them was Danny. When I parked my car, my phone went off again. ''Are you kidding me?'' I sighed. I immediately picked up my mobile and put the phone down on Danny. Realising that he may be persistent today, I put my phone on silent. I didn't want my ringtone going off in the middle of a birth.

Danny's P.O.V

I kept myself awake all night, thinking of Katie. I'm completely baffled at why she would get so up-tight and angry at me looking at her picture on Facebook and that article I told her about, you should of seen her face. Something doesn't add up here but I couldn't think of that now. All I could think about now was Katie. I didn't like to think that we were broken up per-say, its probably just our first argument or something or maybe its her 'Time of the month' and that's why she had a sudden change in moods. I don't know!

I tried calling her this morning but she didn't answer. I continued to call her quite a few times, every time it just rang out apart from once, when she actually put the call down on me. When she did that I felt a bit disheartened by it but I wasn't going to give up that easily so I repeatedly continued to call and text Katie throughout the day, whether she responded or not. After it reached 9:00am, I knew Glen was going to pick me up to go to the studio so I got myself ready.

When he arrived I slumped into the car, with a glum look on my face. On the way there, I looked out the window blankly and hoped Glen wouldn't say anything to me, I didn't really want to talk much because I needed to think of a way to get Katie to talk to me.

''What's wrong with you then Danny boy?'' Glen chirped up ''Nothing'' I mumbled, still looking out the window. ''C'mon Dan, we've been friends for a good while now, just tell me. I may even be able to help, as long as you haven't murdered anyone mind'' Glen chuckled. I turned slowly to face him, with my pale and exhausted face, that had dark bags under the eyes. I stared at him for a few moments, with a blank expression on my face, thinking of what to say to him. ''Oh god Danny, you haven't'' Glen gasped ''What?'' I said, completely confused ''Don't tell me you have actually killed someone'' he said ''No Glen I haven't, what the fuck man?'' I yelled ''Oh good, you had me going for a minute there Dan. So what is up then?'' he asked. ''Its Katie, we had a fight on Skype last night, all because I looked her picture up online and I came across this weird news article'' I said ''Right...'' Glen mumbled, with his eyes glued to the road. ''So now she won't talk to me'' I sighed. Then the car was consumed by a long silence, Glen studied the window screen closely, while I just looked down at the floor. The silence continued and I still looked down but was starting to get slightly wary of the really long silence. If I'm honest, now that I've told Glen, I wanted him to give me some advice, on how to get Katie to talk to me again.

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