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(Group chat: Shadowhoes🔪)
(Participants: Alec Lightwood🎯 , Dominos🍕 , Nerd-berto👓 , Emmy👑 , Kit-Kat🍫 , Potter🔥 , Isaiah❔❓ , Raphael🍷 and Ky💫)

Everyone who's on their phones right now, hit up the others and go and check out my instagram.

I mean, I'm going to do it anyway, but what is this about?

Exactly what I was going to say

You'll see


@KylanMonson: There's more where this came from

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@KylanMonson: There's more where this came from. Go check out @OUTmag to see more images from my exclusive shoot.
@username: Who gave you the right to kill me like this?! 😱😍😭😩
@username2: I am so thankful for your parents hard work for creating such a beautiful human being right now
@username3: God bless your genes
@d.l.castro: 😮👌
@BlairLMonson: Work it bro, knew you would put me to shame because I am nothing compared to you
@username4: You and your sister are out of this world perfection @BlairLMonson
@albertorosende: I'm actually jealous...
@KylanMonson: Stop lying @BlairLMonson , momma didn't raise no liar. Jealous of what? @albertorosende
@username5: This post should come with a warning label because I almost died when I clicked the notification
@username6: same tho @username5
@tylerposey58: lookin' good bro 😉
@hollandroden: Honestly babe, I'm so proud of you and you look unbelievably hot in this 😍❤😘
@KylanMonson: Thanks man @tylerposey58 and we both know you could outdo me any day @hollandroden
@harryshumjr: Shit boy, your followers don't lie, this really should come with a warning label
@domsherwood: ^^ harry has read my thoughts
@username7: Fuck, that looks kinky as hell with the rope round the bedposts
@emeraudetoubia: True but you won't see me complaining @username7
@shelbyrabara: Forget that I'm married for a second because 😍
@KylanMonson: 😉 @username7 @emeraudetoubia @shelbyrabara , and control your wife @harryshumjr
@harryshumjr: I would but I don't know how, plus she's right
@username8: I agree with @username7 but it looks so sexy that I am also in agreement with @emeraudetoubia and @shelbyrabara
@matthewdaddario: Wow 🙈
@KylanMonson: 😉 @matthewdaddario
@username9: fuck me... 😍😍
@username10: I mean same but I wasn't going to be so blunt about it @username9
@username11: he looks daddy as fuck and im 💧😍
@kitkatsmeow: well, it aint a lie @username11
@KylanMonson: 😉 @kitkatsmeow @username11


@KySon: Thanks for all of the support over on my instagram. For everyone who has been asking where I've been, I've been a busy boy for you guys and there is more to come so be on the look out across all of my social media platforms
@username: Yay! I can't wait
@username2: I love you Kylan
@BradHall: Obviously I support everything you do, what are best friends for?
@BlairMonson: Annoying? @BradHall
@BradHall: He'll never be more annoying than you @BlairMonson
@username3: otp^
@username4: Lol honestly though @username3
@matthewdaddario: ☝😜
@KySon: Quit it you two @BradHall @BlairMonson and I see you Matty @matthewdaddario
@username5: Im loving the friendship between @KySon and the shadowhunters cast. Plus him and matt have adorable interactions even if they are kind of secretive and primarily through emojis and randomness
@username6: rt all day long because its true^^^

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