Chapter 3: Friendly Banter

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It was 2:00 A.M. when Off Grid made his escape from none other than Reynolds Enterprises and started his way down the block. Not that he was one to hold grudges, of course. 

"A little late for a robbery, isn't it?"

Argent City's star had arrived. Just in time. As per usual.

"Prime time for it, actually. Why, is it past your bedtime? Should I adjust my schedule to allow you your beauty sleep?"

Resonance ignored the comment and asked,"don't you ever give it a rest? You have to get bored of stealing eventually."

"Nah. Not of this, I can't," he replied, as he slung his bag across his shoulder and prepared for the fight he hoped was coming, "besides, I have you to keep me company and shake things up when it's getting too easy."

He didn't need to wait for long, because within moments they were a blur of fists and brightly colored fabric.

"I didn't know we'd become such close friends. I hope this means I get an invite to your birthday party," Resonance commented, fending off the villain's attacks.

"I'm not really one for parties," Off Grid said, landing a particularly vicious hit to his enemy's chest.

"Wow. You really are evil," Resonance breathed, pain clear in his voice. 

To his credit, he recovered quickly.  

The villain made sure to keep as little distance between them as possible. While fast enough to duck and dodge with ease, his adversary was lacking when it came to close combat. 

Or at least, Off Grid was far better. Which was as it should be. He'd trained long and hard, and the hero was only a child.  

They ended the conversation in favor of exchanging blows, neither besting the other. Off Grid didn't mind a prolonged fight, but things always got repetitive after a while. And he did need to get home. 

He had what he thought in the moment was a brilliant idea. A sure way to end the battle. All he needed was a lot less light. the hero couldn't hit what he couldn't see.

Off Grid reached an arm out and the streetlights exploded in a shower of sparks and glass, plunging the two enemies into darkness. Resonance paused to shield himself from the falling debris, and Off Grid took the opening as a chance to send his staff swinging toward the hero's head in what would have been a crippling move.

But the villain didn't account for Resonance's own powers. He didn't need light to know where Off Grid was. His senses were better than that. He heard him coming. Felt the vibrations his footsteps sent through the ground.  

One second, Off Grid thought he had the advantage, and the next he was on the ground. 

"You know," the boy said, standing above him, "face reveals are all the rage online. Maybe you should lose the mask. Might earn you some extra cash. Not that you'd be spending it from prison."

"We could take them off together. A double suicide, metaphorically. How about on the count of three?" he suggested.

"Somehow, I don't think I trust you to follow through on that."

"Guess you're smarter than I gave you credit f- " Off Grid trailed off and stared into the distance, confusion contorting his features.

Resonance glanced to his left only briefly, but it was enough. Off Grid smiled at the kid's gullibility and took advantage of the distraction, knocking the boy off of his feet with a swift kick.

"Or maybe just as stupid as I thought you were," the villain said.

Then Off Grid was up and lunging forward. They were back at it again. But it didn't last long.

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