Uncomfortable Meeting. Part 6

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It didn't matter that Danny doesn't have anything to do with our daughter. It was the connection she has as the oldest grandchild that matters to his parents. It has somehting to do with an inheritance Ollie will be getting when she is twenty five. Something Izzy is fighting for or some such thing.

Not that I cared about it. It has nothing to do with me and from what Ollie has mentioned, she doesn't give a shit about it either. She has everything she wanted in her life and didn't need anything else.

Anyway, we had pulled off into a service station and while I was filling the tank and Ollie was getting another feed for herself inside before dropping whatever she got onto her seat and cleaning the front windowscreen of the dust that had been accumulated after the dirt roads this morning. A few minutes after finishing, we were back ont he road. With her eating again.

I glanced at her and for the life of me, can not understand where she puts it. She is always stuffing her face, but I guess having a fast metabolism makes her want to eat all the time I thought with a smile as I watched her finished off the pie before picking up the apple slice she bought to go with it.

Just after afternoon tea time, we were pulling into their driveway in Roseville Chase near Echo Point. I had only been here once before and couldn't wait to get back out to the country. Neither could my daughter at the moment by the look of it. She really is a country girl at heart and it was easy to see and hear.

" Phew! What is that stench?" She was asking the moment we came down off the mountains and into suburbia with her waving her hands in front of her face.

" Smog." Was all I said to her in a dry tone of voice. I couldn't believe how much we could smell it even from this far north of the city.

" It stinks." Ollie said as she grabbed her bag out of the back of the Toyota Landcruiser we drove down here in from the farm. As we walked up to the front door, it opened before we knocked and a moment later, some gangly long arms were circling me.

" Hey, sis. I'm so glad you're here." My brother Gavin was saying with a grin as he squeezed the life out of me. He was skinny as all nothing, but he had muscles. Lots of them. Then he turned his attention to his niece and gave her some coddling which amused us all since he was younger than her.

Then we all made our way inside the wide white tiled entrance that had a vaulted ceiling to help the visitor see how tall, wide and spacious the entrance was. Mum called it a grand entrance. Then our eyes were drawn to the end of the entrance further into the house where there were some large floor lamps that drew the eye down the length of the hall where the hall opened up into a very wide and spacious living area.

After greeting my parents who were sitting there waiting for us, we sat around after having a coffee and talked about all sorts of things related to the farm, Nan and how we two girls were going. Nothing unusual.

The reason we were actually here was because Gavin had graduated from the 'college' he was in and we were invited to the ceremony. Since he was the one to ask us to be here, we couldn't say no to him.

Gavin had been sent to a private school and did very well for himself. He was too smart for normal public school and needed a curriculum that was catering to his learning needs. Ollie, like me, did home schooling and finished a few years earlier due to her being so smart. She took a few uni courses and graduated as major in science technology with a couple of minors. One being ancient history.

The evening was quite comfortable as we all continued to enjoy each others company. Which took some time to happen when I refused to have anything to do with them for some time after they sent me out to the country.

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